We have entered the 3rd phase of the lockdown to stop the spread of Coronavirus Pandemic.  From today, 4th May, a new set of rules have been implemented all across the country. The complete country has been divided into red and green zones depending upon the spread of coronavirus in that region. If you are planning to step out of the house for buying essentials or if your workplace is reopening then here is what you need to know before taking your vehicle out.

Type of vehicles allowed

Only private vehicles are allowed. The ban on commercial vehicles like auto-rickshaws and cabs is kept as it is. These restrictions are for the red zones. Private vehicles will be used to transport people, to and fro from their workplace. The cabs to carry people to the essentials services will be allowed. There are also several restrictions on the private vehicle which can be seen on the road during this time. The new set of guidelines do not allow everyone to take their vehicle out for joy rides. In the red zones, people commuting to the government offices will only be allowed with proper identity proof. They are expected to cooperate with the police officials on their route. Also, there will be the issuance of necessary passes for the travel in the red zone.

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Restriction on Private vehicles

Four-wheelers can carry 3 passengers including the driver. This was previously only 2 people but now it has been raised. Also, there should be proper identity proof and a reason for travel. As for two-wheelers, the rider will be only allowed. No pillion permission for the two-wheeler rider. Also, the containment zones will see no moment of the vehicle. They will remain contained for the declared days and will function according to the containment zone guidelines.

Time of Travel

Section 144 has been imposed between 7 pm to 7 am. This means that there won’t be any vehicle moment allowed during this time except for emergency services. So people travelling out should be careful about the time of their arrival and departure. Also, they should carry essential commodities to spend the night at their workplace instead of trying to create a hassle of returning home. There are penalties for the violation of lockdown rules. The person will be charged according to the Disaster Management Act 2005. The lockdown rule can be found under the National Directives for Covid-19 Management.


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