The new Michelin Energy EXM2+ are out and we have especially gone to Chennai to test out the tyres. This is the new tyre generation by Michelin from the previous EXM2 which will be discontinued soon. The company has a lot of claims about the longevity and the performance of the tyre and we have tested all these claims and put up the new Michelin Energy EXM2+ against the benchmark Bridgestone Competition tyres. We were given access to a track along with two identical Swift diesel to really test the claims and the tyres themselves. While doing these tests the important thing was to make sure that all the parameters were the same regarding the driver and the condition of the cars as well. We would stress upon the grip of the tyres, the braking and also the handling performance of the cars. Here is what we found out.

From the handling and the wet track tests we found that the Michelin was consistently superior to the Bridgestone competition. Even if you ignore the numbers, but the overall feel of the Michelin was better than the Bridgestone Competition. Even the ABS intrusion in the Michelin was lesser as compared. The claimed Michelin numbers about the braking distance and the better grip was really showing on the track.

michelin exm2

Michelin says that is has achieved this by the application of new tread rubber compound and a stronger bond of filler at a molecular level. This helps to minimise wear rate which in turn results in longer mileage and good tyre performance even after it is worn out. This technology also helps in the general gripping of the tyre as the higher compound flexibility improves contacts on the ground at microscale and generate a higher level of grip.

The tyre is now available in 12 inches as well so it can be fitted to smaller cars also. The price for this tyre is around Rs 3,200. Meanwhile, the starting range for the 14-inch tyre is for Rs 5,090. We recommend these tyres as they are not only good in terms of mileage for the car but also for safety. This is a point that Indians usually don’t consider but it is high time we take this into consideration.

Here is a complete chart of the tyre sizes available in the new Energy EXM2+.

Size: starting from 12” to 16”

145/80R12 74T185/55R16 83V
155/65R13 73T205/65R16 95H

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Sometime back we tested the new XM2 Plus tures. Here is our quick IGTV video about it.

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