Bajaj has launched the most affordable BS6 compliant bikes today. The Bajaj CT 100 and Platina are the start of the Bajaj line up. These bikes are basic commuters with not more than the necessary stuff on the bike. Read further to know how Bajaj manages to offer bikes which are BS6 complaint at such a low cost.

Bajaj CT 100 and Platina EI system

Both of these bikes have been given a newly developed Electronic Injection system. This is a version of the fuel injection system. Conventionally the fuel injection system is used for a performance upgrade. But this system has been tuned for economy. It misses out on ECU maps and is fairly primitive as compared to the regular Fuel injection system. This allows the company to make it at a much cheaper rate than the conventional Fuel injection system. The company states that it has been developed by Bajaj Auto R&D centre. The EI system allows maintaining the mileage of the Bajaj CT 100 and Platina. This also makes the fueling constant and the engine feels smoother.

Bajaj CT 100 Engine

The BS6 compliant bike will be seen with 2 engine options. The Bajaj CT 100 will also be seen as a CT 110. Where the CT 100 is a bare-bones bike with minimal upgrade the CT 110 will be a slightly upgraded version. The vehicle will have features like LED daytime running lights. The vehicle will also have a bash plate which helps in indicating the durability of the vehicle. The vehicle will be seen in a rural setting where the road conditions are not that great and a tough vehicle will be something people will be looking for.  Anyway having a bash plate, protects the engine from foreign particles. The Bajaj CT 100 BS6 has been priced at Rs 40,794. This makes it the most affordable bike with BS6 compliance. This pricing is the entry point into the Bajaj family.


Bajaj Platina BS6

The Bajaj Platina also gets the same EI technology to make it BS6 complaint. The BS6 engine is now smoother because of the smooth fuel delivery. The Bajaj Platina BS6 also comes in 2 variants. The 100cc variant also gets Electric start now. It is priced at Rs 54,797. The Platina range starts at Rs 47,264. This is a small bump of Rs 6,368 over the BS4 version. Although this might be a small amount in the premium segment it will be considered a big bump in this segment as it is very price sensitive.  The topmost variant of the vehicle gets H-gear option which is a 5-speed version of the vehicle.

Bajaj CT 100 and Platina

Company Statement

Mr Sarang Kanade, President – Motorcycle, said, “The introduction of these models begins the transition of our product range to BS6 norms. Bajaj Auto has scaled up their line-up of BS6 compliant vehicles and will make BS6 bikes available in the other models in the next few weeks. With the CT and Platina, our world-class R&D team has enhanced the capabilities of our offerings while ensuring that we meet the stringent BS6 norms so that consumer gets excellent value for their money”.

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