The landscape of our country has been changing dramatically in terms of EVs being used and more manufacturers adding them to their line-ups. While the four-wheeler market is still catering to the high-end, premium side of the market and is still struggling to provide an affordable/dependable EV for the common man, the two-wheeler market is doing the exact opposite. There are many two-wheeler manufacturers that are offering inexpensive and IC engine alternatives and one of them is Pure-EV.

PURE-EV is EV vertical of the company PuREnergy which is incubated out of IIT Hyderabad and manufacturing high-performance Lithium batteries. The company has set up a dedicated factory for large scale manufacturing of electric vehicles. The company has access to all the R&D facilities from IIT Hyderabad and strong technological support. So what do they offer? Take a look at the four models they currently offer listed below from the cheapest electrically assisted bicycle to the most expensive scooter.

Pure-EV Etron

Pure-EV Etron

Price – Rs 29,900 as listed on Amazon – click here.

This is the entry-level cycle and the company calls it “India’s most economical Ebike”. Built like a mountain bike – it gets a front disc brake and a double wall rim with spoke wheels. It also gets an IP65 multifunctional screen to check your speed, battery, distance traveled and also switch on and off your LED headlight. Powering this is a 500Wh – Battery with IP65 Hailong Casing and acceleration stands at 25km/h in 7 seconds with you not peddling just accelerating.

Pure-EV Egnite

Pure-EV Eginite

Price – Rs 44,999 as listed on Amazon – click here.

This is bigger than the Etron above and is a bit more capable too. So this gets a Streamlined Alloy body with an Integrated Battery Design and a 7-speed Derailleur Rear Wheel Shimano. It gets rear & front Tektro Disc brakes, a telescopic Suspension, a high cushion seat and a 12 magnet Pedal Assist System. This too gets a Double-wall alloy rim and 2.35-inch tyres for strong on-road grip. The company claims that this bicycle is good for an electric-only range of 60 kilometers and is built to take on more of the rough stuff than only be a city bike.

Pure-EV ETrance

Pure-EV ETrance

Price- Rs 51,999 as listed on Amazon – click here.

The ETrance is India’s first unisex electric mobike (a combination of a moped and a bicycle) which is ideal for all female age groups, teenagers and last-mile logistics. It is designed for urban mobility and comes with a quick pick up for zipping through the traffic. It is a CMVR Exempted category electric vehicle by ARAI, so you do not require a license and registration. Portable High performance 1000Wh battery with 3C rated cells for longer life cycles. It gets under seat/ front storage capacity too. With 18 X 2.5 inch tyres with drum brake its best suited for perfect on-road conditions. It gets a full LED headlight, a locking/alarm mechanism plus rear and front blinkers. Lastly, it also gets a Pedal Assist system when your electric juice is drying up.

Pure-EV ePluto

Pure-EV ePluto

Price – Rs 71,000 as listed on the Pure-EV website – click here.

The last and most expensive one of the lot – the ePluto. It looks like a proper scooter and goes like one. It is powered by a 1.8Kwh Ultra performance cell and gets three riding modes. It gets an LCD screen with different information like speed and range. It also gets a LED headlamp/taillamp setup plus a lot of storage space. The ePluto is good for a range of 80 kilometers range and is not shabby on inclines up to 12 degrees. It gets 10-inch alloy wheels and anti-theft provision lock ability.

So out of the four electric two-wheelers from Pure-EV which would you consider? Let us know in the comments below. Also check out our video on these too below.


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