The ‘S’ in SUVs may stand for ‘Sports,’ however, it also very well justifies the ‘smart’ and ‘sassy’ quotient of this car type. While a car is known to do much good to your self-esteem, but when it comes to owning an SUV, it goes a step further. Driving an SUV is like making a statement that ‘you have arrived.’ The bold beast feeds your pride and ego, in just the right way.

Kia SP Concept SUV 1In the last couple of years, the sale of SUVs has been on the rise. Moreover, new players are entering this segment, and the existing ones are continually coming up with newer and brawnier versions. All this indicates that SUVs are poised to take hold of a substantial share of the automobile market in India.

So, whether you’re planning to buy an SUV or are simply a car enthusiast, here’s a list of some soon be launched SUVs in India-

MG Hector

Morris Garages, the renowned international brand is launching MG Hector, its first car in India. Classy on the outside and roomier on the inside, this 5-seater SUV promises to provide segment-leading features.

MG Hector side 2

Already the talk of the town, this car will provide first-in-class connectivity through voice assistance feature. Hector has two engine options and 48-volt mild-hybrid system which will let you enjoy improved mileage.

Launch: May 2019

Price: 20 Lakhs

Engine: 1.5P, 2.OD

If you like to stay ahead of the race, then go for Hector and become a source of envy for your friends!

Tata Buzzard

Coming out of Tata Stables in 2020, Tata Buzzard is a seven-seater SUV.  A larger version of Tata Harrier, this is 62mm longer at the rear overhang, which makes space for the third row of seats. With length of 4,661 mm and height of 1,786 mm, this SUV is all set to beat Hector and Mahindra XUV 500 in size and proportions.

Tata Buzzard H7X side

This Tata SUV will have a 2.0-liter diesel motor and a 6-speed automatic gearbox. This means it will offer excellent performance coupled with its attractive looks.

Launch: 2020

Price: 15-20 Lakhs

Engine: 2.OD

If you like it big and bold, then go the Buzzard way!

Volkswagen T-cross

Volkswagen will launch a larger version of its already launched T-cross version in India early next year. The SUV has a self-assured look and seems to be a promising rival in the segment. The car has a more extended wheelbase of 2,651 mm and has a strong and robust appeal to it.Volkswagen T-Cross Side

With a large overall length and sliding rear bench seat, T-cross is being touted as the most spacious and practical in its segment. The choice of bright colors and trims as offered by the brand to up the cars style quotient furthermore.

Launch: 2020

Price: 11-17 Lakhs

Engine: 1.OP, 1.5P

For the confident and self-assured you, buy a T- Cross, if you’re eyeing an SUV.

Jeep Compass Trailhawk

After the much-appreciated Compass, Jeep is now coming up with Compass Trailhawk to up the ante. This SUV will be the first Compass variant in India that will have a diesel-automatic combination.

2019 Jeep Compass Trailhawk
Jeep Compass Trailhawk

With enhanced off-road abilities and specific style cues as compared to compass, the Trailhawk goes a step further in everything. With hill descendent control and off-road suspension, this SUV will also prove to be a great companion for all your travel adventures up the hill.

Launch: Mid 2019

Price: 25 Lakhs

Engine: 2.oD

Trail the way forward with the Compass Trailhawk and leave your mark behind!

Insure Your SUVs To Keep Their Beauty and Brawns Intact

No matter which SUV you decide to bring home, we know you’ll treasure it with all your heart and soul. However, since SUVs are high priced, they need more maintenance and care too. Especially any accidental or physical damage can make you spend considerable amounts of money on getting it repaired and restored. That is why, whenever you buy an SUV, or for that matter, any car, always buys a comprehensive motor insurance policy to safeguard yourself financially.

A comprehensive motor insurance policy will cover you for any damage caused to your vehicle due to any natural or human-made calamity. Moreover, having the policy also means that you will get a personal accident cover for the driver. Additionally, the policy will cover you against any third-party liability that may arise against you, saving you from any significant financial loss.

The motor insurance policy will ensure that you remain worry-free even if something happens to your treasured car.  So, don’t just buy an SUV, also keep it secure and in good condition!


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