Tata Motors had announced that it will be launching atleast two new products every year till 2020, we have a rough estimate of the Indian auto makers plans till 2018. There will be several new products in the company’s line-up and there will be a few refreshes too. We do not have all the details of the refreshes, but new products is something we have a good idea. What to expect and when? We have all the answers ready. This is how the products are likely to be launched.

Product Year
Kite hatchback End 2015
Kite sedan Early 2015
Hexa Mid-2015
Nexon End-2016
Q501 Mid-2017
Q502 Mid-2017
Sumo Raptor 2018
Safari Raptor 2018

We have listed eight products so far and there shall be about four more products in this line-up. Tata Motors had made this plan till 2020 and we have been able to get some information on the upcoming range of products. This is a mix of hatchback, compact SUVs and sedan and full-size SUVs and crossovers.

Tata Hexa price

There will be several refreshes also in the pipeline like the Safari 400 is due to be launched next year and then there should be something on model year Nano as well.

The Indica eV2 and the Indigo eCS will be retained in the product range until the new crash norms are implemented.


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