MG eZS is the second product for the company after the launch of the Hector. The company will be getting its first fully electric vehicle. This will be an all-new SUV and it will be making its way into India soon. This will be the second full-electric vehicle for the Indian car market. Following the Hector, the focus for this SUV shall be to offer good performance, range and features at an affordable price point. Along with connected car technology will be offered on it as well. It will feature Hector’s internet-based iSMART technology as well. The MG brand is looking at offering a lot on the technology front for this SUV.

MG eZS Launch Date

Expect this new electric SUV to hit the market by November or December 2018. MG will not want to delay the launch of this product and it will be a complete import. So, we can expect the dates to not get delayed. MG is also working on a range of new products, which will be coming in every six months into the market. The Chinese automaker seems to be getting aggressive with its range of products for the Indian market.

MG eZS India

MG eZS Price in India

There are rumors that the Chinese automaker will want to price it within Rs 10 lakhs, but those seem to be only rumors. Our understanding is this new SUV will be priced in the range of Rs 18 lakhs to Rs 25 lakhs. That is when it will be a good price point for a vehicle like this. The MG brand will be importing this SUV, as a CBU, so the duty shall be very high. MG might be testing out this vehicle as a part of the 2500 units that any automaker can get into India without any homologation. Still a tad early to speak on what will be the plan, but that seems to be the likely option.

MG eZS side

MG eZS Competition

As Hyundai shall become the first automaker to get a complete electric SUV, Kona, MG will follow the footsteps. Both the vehicles shall be in a similar price range. Hyundai with its advantage of a wider dealership network shall become a stronger offering in the market. Both the SUVs will have a range of about 200-350kms on complete charging.

MG eZS side India

MG eZS Electric Power

Expect a 110kW electric motor to power this new SUV. The power it will translate is 150bhp approximately. This does a 0-50km/hr in about 3 seconds. This is a lot quicker than the regular 150bhp petrol or diesel vehicle. At the moment, we aren’t sure of the charging time these batteries will need. The company claims it to get 80% of the power while charging for just 30 minutes. This, of course, means using the fast charge option.  There is no mention on the battery life and the costing to replace the entire system. The regular ZS comes with a 1.5-litre petrol engine. The Indian market won’t get that.

MG eZS Interior

MG eZS interior

We can expect a lot of features on the eZS. The first is the large eight-inch touchscreen system, 360 camera, voice command, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay will be offered as well. Multiple airbags (six mostly) and even ABS + EBD. There will be ESP, TC and even other features like rain-sensing wipers, automatic headlamps to support as well. The eZS will also incorporate dual-zone climate control. There shall be no difference on the inside when compared to the regular petrol ZS. There shall be leather upholstery, sunroof and even rear AC vents.

MG eZS interior 2

In terms of rear-seat comfort, this SUV should offer good enough space and a large size boot as well. This SUV will be similar in size to the Creta in dimensions. As it will be electric, it shall see an increase in its pricing. The boot space will be about 400 litres. This is more than sufficient for a vehicle of this segment.


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