The return of Jawa has made a lot of amongst us excited for this new motorcycle. The company has announced the bike, however it seems that there are a lot of delays in delivering the bike. One potential buyer in Bangalore called Aditya Sarangi, who booked the bike purely for its nostalgia, has decided to pull back his booking. We will be sharing two videos, one of Bulu Biker’s channel and other from Aditya’s vlogs. Aditya has stated three reasons for pulling out. These are following:

Bulu Biker’s Video:

  1. Head Over Heart: Jawa Motorcycle with twin disc brake and ABS is a bit too far fetched at the moment without any commitment on dates. There has been no confirmation on the timelines. The buyer is keen on getting dual-channel ABS, and if not at least dual discs for certain. When the rider rode the Interceptor on Bulu biker’s constant pushing, he fell in love with it. Aditya did have a RE initially, however he didn’t want any more vibrations so switched to Dominar. After a test ride of the Interceptor 650, he seems to have found his lost love. There was a huge grin on his face that can be seen in the video, and he booked the Interceptor on the spot.
  2. Waiting Period: A long waiting period meant, Aditya wasn’t sure when will the bike come in. After being super impressed with the Enfield, he decided to move his choice from Jawa to Enfield. There is a minimum of 6 month wait period on this motorcycle, and at the moment many dealers are recommending 7-8 months as well.
  3. I don’t want to be a Guinea Pig: He believes that initially new products have issues and he seems to be worried about that. With RE, he is confident that even if anything can go wrong then at least something can be done about it. This seems to the statement as he did own an Enfield previously.

Aditya’s Video:

The following video has been posted with Bulu Pattanaik’s permission and we will be glad if you will share this story. We do love Jawa, but such a long wait period isn’t justified in year like 2019, where inter-city deliveries are made in a day’s time. With 5G at our doorstep, buyers need everything quick and instant. What is your opinion on this? We shall be glad to know more about it.


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  • i had too booked jawa forty two on 17th November (two days after booking started). I still had no clue about when the deliveries will begin. My local dealer is as clueless as I am. Went to Royal Enfield showroom and was lucky enough to receive my chrome interceptor on Saturday. what a delight it is to ride it. NOw I am trying to figure out how to cancel my jawa booking.

  • JAWA bike will be ready in no time! I have booked mine and I’m excited to get my hands on it.

  • Don’t know why JAWA is being compared to the Interceptor 650. JAWA is in a completely different segment and stays true to its legacy. Interceptor is a long lost name in REs past line up.

  • I hope the owner hasn’t given up on JAWA just as yet. JAWA did announce that Dual Channel ABS bikes will be out from June, so he needn’t wait long.