Two-wheelers in India will be fitted with anti-lock braking system (ABS) and combined braking system (CBS) by April 2018, as per the road transport ministry’s draft notification. This proposal comes in to reduce the number of road accidents that are on the rise.

According to statistics, there were 32,524 fatal two-wheeler accidents last year, and over 1.27 lakh persons were badly injured. Two-wheeler riders, who are the most vulnerable road users, are often subjected to skidding, especially during wet and loose gravel conditions on the road. ABS is a measure that can avoid skidding in such conditions, on sudden application of brakes. by avoiding locking of the wheels. ABS can avoid an accident or reduce collision speed significantly.

As per the draft rules, fitting ABS would be mandatory for all vehicles having more than 125 cc engine, which will cover majority of motorcycles and scooters. While the deadline for all new models is April 2017, the existing vehicles must comply with the norm from April 2018.

Ministry’s notification has set April 2017 as the deadline for fitting CBS in all new models of two-wheelers having less than 125cc engine. CBS is a system for linking front and rear brakes on a motorcycle or scooter. In this, the rider’s action of depressing one of the brake levers applies both front and rear brakes. The amount of each brake applied is determined by a proportional control valve.The manufacturers have implement CBS from April 2018 onwards, for existing models.


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