We get an opportunity to speak to Honda Car India’s Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Jnaneswar Sen about the upcoming plans for the Japanese car manufacturer and the company’s current portfolio. This is what he had to say.

1. What will be the percent split for petrol and diesel Jazz that Honda is expecting?
Ans: This segment trend is currently PE 60% and DE 40%.  However, market situation is very dynamic related to fuel mix due to fluctuating prices, so we will be monitoring situation closely going forward. We will be able to adjust demand as per need.
2) How does Honda think of hybrid technology’s application in the Indian car market?
Ans: Globally Honda has been working extensively on the hybrid technology. We are monitoring the industry in India and the need for the hybridization of the cars. As far as the end results are concerned, Honda’s both petrol and diesel cars have brilliant fuel economy which benefits the customer from cost of ownership perspective. It also minimizes carbon footprints by  limiting the fuel consumption.
2016 Honda Accord
2016 Honda Accord
3. Could we see an upgrade on the Amaze anytime soon?
Ans: No plans as of now.
Honda Amaze 23
4. Honda has not been able to meet the consumer’s demands and there has been a waiting period. When could the production increase, to how many and by when?
Ans: It is our constant endeavour to quickly meet the demand of all models. We will optimize our production as per the demand which will come from the market.
Since both of our plants have flexibility of manufacturing multiple models it would help us to adapt quickly to any requirement without losing any sales opportunity.
We are also increasing the capacity in Tapukara plant from 120,000 units annual capacity to 180,000 units by mid of next year. With this our overall production capacity will go up to 300,000 units per annum in India by mid of 2016.
5) What is that one segment that Honda will not want to miss out at that?
Ans: The Indian automobile industry is growing and a lot of potential still remains to be tapped. While most of the markets are witnessing declining sales, or at best a stagnation of sorts, India has managed to grow steadily. It needs to be understood that this is not feasible with just one or two segments doing well. While some segments are the conventional volume churners, the others are rapidly evolving and finding their way in the Indian market. So it is extremely important that we closely monitor all the segments. We would not want to miss out on any segment.

6) How are sales for Mobilio coming? With increase in competition, has it been affected?

Ans: We have sold more than 33,500 Mobilio in the market (Cumulative sales July 2014 – June 2015). More than 60% of the Mobilio customers are coming from Joint families and Mobilio has been offered in MPV segment for personal use only.

It is still a new brand and would need time to establish itself in the market. It is performing as per our expectations and segment potential.

As far as competition is concerned, we welcome competition and are confident of our product standing the test of time.


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