Honda will be entering the 150cc scooter segment in the next 10 days. The Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer has been focusing a lot of scooters and now it is ready to introduce a brand new 150cc scooter too. This will be a brand new scooter model and Honda will be looking at getting it soon. As the demand for scooters is on the rise, it is mostly urban commuters that are buying scooters. So, with a 150cc scooter buyers will move towards getting scooters over motorcycles. Our sources have confirmed that the Japanese two-wheeler maker will be getting a 150cc scooter within the next 10 days.

The scooter is perfect for city use as it is automatic and there is no engine heat on the rider’s legs. So, this is a better option than a bike because of convenience and even good power. So, Honda, Vespa and Aprilia will be the first three two-wheeler manufacturers to get into this segment. Mahindra too is considering to get in here with its Peugeot scooters. At the moment, the company only has 110cc and 125cc scooters.

Yamaha-NMAX vs Honda PCX

What will the scooter be called? We aren’t certain, but Honda will be working out on its pricing. The idea shall be to offer a lifestyle scooter that is powerful, fun to ride and even good enough for inter-city commuter. This scooter has to be priced aggressively. The Aprilia with its highly appealing price tag is an amazing scooter to consider. Honda might not be getting a scooter against it, but will surely have one to make it the best in the class, a perfect blend of performance, ride and handling, frugal engine and easy on the pocket.


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  • Honda had already entered the 150cc scooter segment in 2003 with the geared Honda Eterno but it was not very successful and its production had to be stopped in 2009 due to poor sales. They should revive production of Eterno with improvements like self start and better shock absorbers etc