There have been talks that Royal Enfield will be looking at introducing two new engine platforms between 250cc-750cc, however we have a confirmed reported from someone close to the factory that there is no 250cc engine in the making.

“There is no 250cc engine in the making. Royal Enfield has taken an internal decision, to not have engines below 350cc. This is what the Enfield bikes are all about, and the company will not want to lose out on its identity,” stated the source.

Royal Enfield has given out the correct information of developing two platforms, and the two engines are 410cc and the 650cc. The 410cc is a single-cylinder engine and this will replace the 350cc in the future due to the emission norms. The 410cc will come in two states of tune, one will be with carburettor and five-speed transmission and the other one shall be the more powerful version with fuel injection and six-speed transmission. This is the first engine platform.

The second one is a 650cc, twin cylinder engine. This engine will replace the 500 and 535cc engines due to emissions. Royal Enfield has invested in two new platforms for their upcoming bikes as well, along with the Phase II construction of their Chennai plant. There shall be two R&D centres for the company, one will be in Chennai and will be a satellite centre in the UK. Royal Enfield has seen a 40 percent growth in its sales in April 2015, which is far better than most of the bike makers in the country today.


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