Jaguar is looking at entering the X1 segment with a smaller SUV. In a report from Autocar UK, Jaguar’s brand director Steven de Ploey has said the company is looking at adding further crossovers to its line-up. “A family [of SUVs] is not confirmed but we are investigating it,” he said. “We have the architecture and capability with Land Rover to go left or right, up or down, but we’d only do it on two key attributes. The car has to be dynamically the most capable and it has to meet our design standards.”

He further added to the conversation: “If we want to grow, a compact model is the obvious opportunity. The arguments about this are twofold. It has to be a Jaguar in design and performance, and it would be a challenge to do this. The second is the business, both in terms of scale and competition.

Jaguar C-X17_studio06
“You’d not just be competing with premium brands but high-end mainstream manufacturers, too. There are lots of other things we have to do before this, but we have opportunities and permission to play there.”


Jaguar has been considering to get into the Audi A3 and BMW 1 Series segment for a while now and we reckon they might be developing a new platform for these kind of vehicles. Smaller cars will get them volumes for Jaguar and will increase their reach too. With the new XE, the average Jaguar buyers age came down drastically and if they opt to get hatchback, it will come down further.


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