As the Maharashtra Legislature Budget is on its way, there is a good likelihood that the Maharashtra government will exempt toll for private cars and SUVs across the entire state. This will mean excess toll will be levied on heavy vehicles like buses and trucks.

This will mean that the government will add 20% extra toll to their heavy vehicles, and which means it shall be passed on to the consumers as it will result in a hike in prices of consumables like milk, vegetables etc. So, the increase in cost of certain goods will neutralise the benefit for the buyers.

Removing toll collection was a major issue in the last election and the then opposition party BJP had raised the issue that the private toll tax collectors have already recovered their amount include the interest, and that these toll taxes should be removed. There are about three million private vehicles in the state at the moment, this will be relief to them by removing tolls from entry and exit points in major cities like Mumbai. However, the toll for heavily invested projects like Mumbai-Pune Expressway and Mumbai’s Bandra-Worli Sea Link will still continue.

Even heavy trucks will get a relief from paying toll on small roads that have built within a budget of Rs 200 crore. “Some of the contracts made by the previous government with the infrastructure companies are odd. There is no provision for buyback in these contracts. This caused a severe problem for us. However, we are trying to give relief to the middle class and we will be coming out with an entirely new toll policy,” stated Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis to ET.


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