Jaguar will be upgrading its existing F-TYPE to the new model year around mid-2015. The Convertible and the Coupe, both will be upgraded and the majority of the changes are cosmetic. The biggest upgrade is the new EPAS, electric power steering developed JLR.

Jaguar claims the EPAS system fitted to be intelligent is it that the software even compensates for differences in ambient temperature, ensuring absolute consistency in the feedback the driver gets through the wheel. Unlike hydraulic systems, which drain power from the engine from the moment it starts, EPAS only uses energy when assistance is actually needed.

The F-TYPE now comes as standard with InControl Remote telematics functions, and can be specified with InControl Secure. Should the vehicle be stolen, InControl Secure alerts the driver via a smartphone app and works with law enforcement agencies to locate and recover the vehicle. When away from the vehicle, InControl Remote makes it possible to check information such as the fuel level or the door lock status using a smartphone.

For the ultimate in comfort and convenience, the driver can use a smartphone to start the engine, enabling the climate control system to bring the cabin to the desired temperature before the journey even begins. All feature 8-inch capacitive touchscreens with Jaguar’s new user interface. The crisp, clear graphics make them quick and easy to use, and gesture controls such as ‘swipe’ to skip tracks or flip pages, and ‘drag’ to scroll through maps, make operation even more intuitive.

Navigation data entry is much quicker than before and routes are calculated faster too. High quality rendered 3D images of junctions, cityscapes and even distant terrain make following route guidance much easier, helping drivers to keep their eyes on the road. The system can also be used to log journey details, showing duration, average speed, distance, fuel economy and a GPS map of the route.

Another feature, which avoids distraction is text-to-voice: incoming SMS messages can be read out on the move, leaving the driver to concentrate on driving. When the vehicle is stationary, the touchscreen can be used for writing messages, or – for extra convenience – there’s a set of concise templates to choose from. The F-TYPE Coupe will be powered by three engine options, while the Convertible is still available with two engines.


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