The Royal Enfield Himalayan is the company’s first purpose built bike. Design to conquer the road to the Himalayas. A location that has been a pilgrim for most of the RE buyers. This is one bike that makes a lot of difference. One unique aspect of the Himalayan is the accessories it offers. There are multiple options available for the Himalayan accessories. A bike that has been aggressively priced, we reckon will do a good job. However, there are several aftermarket products that make it a good option to consider. Most of them are purpose built, however we have shortlisted nine of these that will be the more useful ones.

Top 6 Accessories for the Royal Enfield Himalayan

  1. Aluminium panniers: This is one of the most important things to have for a long trip. You need space to keep your clothing and other stuff. Made from metal, the carry bags are mounted on the sub-frame. This is an official Himalayan accessory. One can install the panniers on both the sides of the bike.Royal-Enfield-Himalayan-Accessories-Aluminium-Panniers
  2. Jerry Cans: One of the most important thing when riding long distance is the need for fuel. There are jerry cans available in a set of two, which can be bought from any of the RE showrooms. Each can is about 2 litres and it offers good enough support to cover distance with four litres. These are also fitted on either side of the fuel tank and get attached on the sub-frame.Royal Enfield Himalayan accessories
  3. Auxiliary Lights: These are one of the most important things to have, especially when you are riding in the mountains at night, or even in the evening. It does dark much earlier and one has to be prepared to have good lights on their bike.
  4. Crash Guards: This isn’t offered on the Himalayan as a standard feature. One can install it on the Himalayan, depending on the size you are looking as per your requirement.
  5. USB Charger: Use a USB charger on the bike to charge your smartphone. There are some good ones available in the market, which can be used even in wet conditions. These ones are waterproof.
  6. Knuckle Guards: Another important thing to have. These will help you save your knuckles if forbid you meet with an head-on collision.

Other Royal Enfield Himalayan accessories

These are other basic protective accessories. One needs to have them to protect them from the accidents. One can purpose it through RE or any other makers. We recommend you the following:

  1. Helmet: There are several basic helmets available in the market. However, we shall recommend the high quality ones, which will actually protect you in case of a collision. A good helmet should cost you upwards of INR 5,000.
  2. Jacket: As you will be looking at riding to different terrains, there could be monsoon and there could be snow. So, the ideal situation is to be ready with a good jacket. The one that has good armour and at the same time, pick one with rain and thermal protection. At the same time, even look at the jacket should have an option to remove the thermal lining.
  3. Gloves, and knee protection: These are extremely important. If you ever fall down from the bike, you need to avoid injury.
  4. Pants and boots: Again, the pants are extremely important. These will help you to not just protect from cold with the pants, but even the boots are extremely important. To walk on bad roads, or in the dark etc etc.

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  • Aluminium pannier is available in royal enfield showrooms or any shop in Mumbai?