We are always worried while buying a used car. We always have the worry of getting fooled. We have heard about being fooled by used car dealers, banks and even some third parties during any kind of dealing in used car.. With a new car it is still simpler as there is a set price from the automaker. There is a sticker price. Whereas, used car buying and selling is a tricky business. The fact is, used car dealers and banks are used to deal with people on a daily basis for cars and we aren’t. They are much more experienced in this process. They can manipulate things, especially with the pricing. Hence, we recommend you to read these five crucial steps and understand how to tackle used car dealers for getting the best deals.

Know the Price: Having half knowledge is dangerous and never benefits anybody. So, always know the price of the car. You need to check the Orange Book Value website to find the correct price of the car or bike. Their used car valuation tool is the closest you can get to the market price and it is an extremely handy tool. Infact, their used car classification has used cars that have already been inspected along with their ratings. There is a premium report option for in-depth analysis of the car that you are thinking to buy. Once you know the price, it gets a lot simpler to bargain with a used car dealer.

Never sound in a hurry: If you are in a hurry, the dealer will make more money. If you sound relaxed and not so eager to buy the car despite the good price, the dealer will keep on throwing more offers at you. So, be relaxed and sound cool. Never be in any kind of hurry at any time. Even if you are, this shouldn’t show up.

Condition of the car: Always be aware of the product you are purchasing. It should be easy to maintain. A used car with very high maintenance will just add to the cost. A low maintenance car will add more value to the buck. Cars with low maintenance and good reliability generally have a higher resale price tag. So, negotiation on that can be challenging.

Know the History: Always spend time to understand the history of the car. This crucial time investment is very helpful. With this, you will be able to get a lot of information about the vehicle. Always ask for the vehicle history, and do not think twice if you have to get it inspected from outside.

Acquire the right car: Once you know the right price for a particular model, all you need to do is acquire the right car. Work on the car loan interest rate; reduce the advantage of the middle men. It is the middle men that spike or reduce the car price; avoid getting into such an environment. This will be helpful for you and will save you a good amount of money.


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  • If one knows the history of a used car while purchasing it the he/she can never be fooled. Hence these points are quite relevant.