The Honda Activa began its life in 2000. And soon went to become the most successful scooter India has ever seen. Activa became a household name and even more popular than Honda itself. It established a category. The demand was high and still remains. This living legend has changed over the years, not just with the names and design but engine upgrades as well. Now in the 17th year of its existence the company has unleashed the 2017 Honda Activa 125 with the BS4 emission norms and a lot of bells and whistle. Let’s see how well they sound.

2017 Honda Activa 125 Video Review 

2017 Honda Activa 125 Price

CityOn-road Price
New DelhiINR 63,395
BangaloreINR 70,893
PuneINR 66,853
ChennaiINR 67,038
HyderabadINR 68,065
MumbaiINR 71,071
ChandigarhINR 61,832
AhmedabadINR 67,620
KolkataINR 68,892

This would probably be the 3rd most expensive scooter besides the Vespa and the SR150. But considering those scooters have a 150cc mill is the price worth it. At this price probably you would also get a 150cc bike to consider and which would be very fuel efficient.

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2017 Honda Activa 125  Dimensions

Length1814 mm
Width704 mm
Height1151 mm
WheelBase1260 mm
Ground Clearance155 mm
Kerb Weight111 kgs
Seat Height765 mm

With dimensions of the 2017 Honda Activa 125 are slightly lesser than the Mahindra Gusto both these scooters are neck and neck. Where the 2017 Honda Activa 125 shines is years of reputation, Honda reliability and an awesome after sales network. At 111 kgs it’s similar to the weight of the 110 cc segment. How Honda has managed this task is something remarkable. The seat height is low for ease of shorter riders too but the ground clearance does not seem too promising. Still it is miles better than the Yamaha Ray-Z at 125 mm.

2017 Honda Activa 125 Specifications

Engine124.9 cc
Power8.25 bhp @ 6500 rpm
Torque10.54 Nm @ 5000 rpm
Bore52.4 mm
Stroke57.9 mm

This seems to be the trend with the 125 cc scooters with the bhp being the same as the 110 cc bikes, but the main bump in torque. The main focus being urban signal to signal runs and quick off the line stints with easy overtakes. This being a Honda engine would run for ages and if you are unmarried would end up giving it to your kid. Yes would run for that long. The torque and bhp though kicks in really early as compared to the likes of the Gusto.

2017 Honda Activa 125 Colours

The Activa is available in the following colours

  • Rebel Red Metallic
  • Midnight Blue Metallic
  • Pearl Amazing White
  • Black
  • Mat Crust Metallic

Yes there is a black. But somehow the lighter shades look good as well considering the very subdued design statement.

2017 Honda-Activa-125

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2017 Honda Activa 125 Mileage

Mileage (ARAI)
City50 km/l
Highway57 km/l
Overall54 km/l
Tank5.30 litr
Distance270 km

With an average of 54 overall the seems to me more fuel efficient than the Gusto but marginally and the smaller fuel tank leads to both the scooters having the same km range before a fuel stop.

2017 Honda Activa 125 Top Speed

You would think that the extra 15cc would make a difference in top speed but no. The 2017 Honda Activa 125 does the same 85 km/h as the others. But how it gets there is where the difference lies and the handling at that speed. This is not one of those scooters that feel like it can be blown away by a puff.

2017 Honda Activa 125 Design

The Activa 125 now looks much more attractive that ever before. What grabs attention on 2017 Honda Activa 125 the is the chrome with LED lamp strip on the front/centre panel. It is the 1st to be seen on any scooter yet. This is flanked by the indicators on each side. All this together looks like the face of an eagle. The headlamp is clear with a visor that looks like a wig on the head. From the side you get to see the telescopic forks with reflectors which is also rare. The 2017 Honda Activa 125 has alloy wheels with a front disc brake. Which is a big thumbs up.

The side profile is mostly basic and has the chrome Activa 125 badging. The seat is long and generous and plush. This is probably one of the biggest seats I have seen on a scooter. Sadly the exhaust is the same. The grabrail is big with an extension at the rear which looks like a small carrier for small luggage.

Following customary design of scooters now a days the tail lamp is huge which is flanked by the indicators. The tail lamp is LED with the indicators being clear. The Instrument cluster is part analogue part digital.

2017 honda-activa-125

2017 Honda Activa 125 Ride and Handling

For a 125 cc the Activa 125 is a light scooter. Zipping around through city traffic is a breeze. The base of the footboard is curvy and a very less chance of touching a divider or a footpath. These are small things that need attention. The light weight is manageable. There is a slight less stability in case of a huge vehicle passes by due to cross winds.

The disc brakes on the 2017 Honda Activa 125 work very well and stops the scooter faster. It comes with Combi-Brakes so that safety factor while braking is also enhanced as the the brake pressure on both wheels in simultaneous, thus reducing changes of skidding. The telescopic suspension is soft and makes the ride very comfortable but the low ground clearance leads the scooter to bottom out on speed brakers.

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The 2017 Honda Activa 125 provides a decent value for money. If you are looking for a reliable scooter with better features, safety and looks, then the extra premium over the regular Activa would be worth it.  Honda has stuck to its simplistic design and it has worked for them for so long. But now times are changing. Honda should keep that in mind and move forward. If reliability is what you are looking for then look no further but in a world where technology keeps changing and vehicle are changed every few years is the Activa 125 really worth it?


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  • I have been using Honda Activa 125 for last 6 months. I am using my 10 years old Hero Honda Pleasure as well.
    I see a lot of difference in Handling and Balancing, Old pleasure is far more easier to ride. Pleasure has small pockets below handlebar (front diggy) and parking break which are also missing in Activa 125.

    Good points in Honda are as below,
    1. Better Pickup
    2. Front disc break
    3. Combine break system

  • Visitor Rating: 2 Stars

  • Visitor Rating: 5 Stars