When it comes to Adventure Tourers there are two bike that are at the pinnacle of technology and are considered the best. They are the BMW R1200GS and the Ducati Multistrada 1200. Both these bikes have been at each other’s throats since ages and no signs of slowing down. But in India we have a slightly different story. There are couple of factors that very few people prefer the Multistrada and that it because of high cost and too much power for Indian road. In the time of such difficulty Triumph launched the new line up of tiger 800 Xr, XRX,XC,Xcx. The 800 was the most affordable of the lot. And the sales figures spoke for itself. There was no other competition for the Tiger except for the occasional unreasonable comparison with the Versys 650. Finally, the Ducati Multistrada 950 is coming to India. Let’s see what all if offers.

Ducati Multistrada 950 Price

With an estimated price of between 11 to 14 lakhs this comes directly in competition with the Tiger 800.

Ducati Multistrada 950 Top Speed

With a claimed top speed of 209 km/h this is a lot for such a tall bike. At the same time the Multistrada has all the electronic that you would find in the 1200 Multistrada.

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Ducati Multistrada 950 Dimensions

Length2280 mm
Width995 mm
Height1177 mm
WheelBase1594 mm
Ground Clearance170 mm
Kerb Weight226 kgs
Seat Height820-840 mm

The bike has the same seat height as its bigger sibling at 240 mm. That is very high for an average Indian rider. At 227 kgs this is not light bike but it is surely lighter than the 1200 Multistrada by almost 10 kgs. Now that is some good weight lose. The wheelbase of the 950 is also more at 1594 mm than the 1200 at 1530 mm. That is a good 60 mm more. This bike seems to have a bit higher centre of gravity. The seat height is less by 5 mm but the ground clearance is more by 20 mm. Ducati have worked well. This bike is higher, broader and much more agile.

Ducati Multistrada 950 Design

This is where Ducati shines. This the kind of design that make both men and women weak in their knees. Me I go weak everywhere and have anxiety kick in full scale till I ride and enjoy the bike. I know I sometimes compare vehicles to fiction character and birds so this time again I decided birds. The dual headlamp luke like the surrounding area and eyes of a cockatoo and the beak well looks like the beak. Yes it does not get the LEDs like the 1200. Yet It is gorgeous. The gaps on each side of the beak looks like flared nostrils. Like if the cockatoo were really really really really pissed and would attack any moment. The black fibre flows from the beak to the failing with the Ducati badging is awesome.


The blend of black with red make for nice design cues.  The visor seems like an extension of the head where the feather flare up. This visor is height adjustable manually. The LED indicators on the knuckle guards are a premium touch and adding more style to the bike. The tank sits really high and the attention to detailing here is amazing. There is a cladding on the tank that looks like the extension of the anyway large, comfortable seat. The exposed trellis frame is also red and screams Ducati. The brash plate at the base looks good but is of fibre and little help if this bike bottoms out.


The twin pod exhaust pipes looks like laser guns from the future or the ones you may have seen in the game Halo. For those who have not please do play the game. The grab rails are large and look like spoilers. The lights are like a really large laser stapler pin facing downwards ready to pierce and clip on to something. That is awesome by the way. The single sided swingarm and tyres hugger are premium.

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Ducati Multistrada 950 Colours 

This bike is available in only two colours

  • Star White Silk
  • Ducati Red

I wish there was a black but the forever Ducati red always seems to steal the show.

Ducati Multistrada 950 Specifications

VariantDucati Multistrada 950
Engine937 cc
Power113 bhp @ 9000 rpm
Torque96.2 Nm @ 7750 rpm
Top Speed209 km/h

This bike has 7 bhp more than the Tiger 800 and approx 20 Nm more torque. That is a huge difference. Riding this bike would be a breeze if your legs reach the ground i.e. The torque is wide spread and the bike feel that it is eager for a wheelie any moment. The 6-speed gear shift is not the smoothest but is quite good. This bike gets keyless ignition but misses on on that fabulous LCD display.

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Ducati Multistrada 950 Mileage

PlaceDucati Multistrada 950
City17 km/l
Highway22 km/l
Overall20 km/l
Tank20 litres
Distance320 km

With a good efficiency of 20 kmpl the 950 promises to make Indians happy. If we consider the huge tank size of 20 litres this bike can do an easy 320 km before feeling thirsty for fuel. This is a good range when on tourers as that is what you would like to do on a bike like this.

Ducati Multistrada 950 Ride and Handling

As well balanced and exceptionally good for handling the engineers and designers have made the Multistrada this is still a big and heavy machine. And you dare not underestimate it. The immense power and balance weight may make you over confident but that would be your last and biggest mistake. It is like keeping a python as a pet. Its big, gorgeous, everyone wants to see it but you should never take it for granted. And feed it (maintain it) on time. If you have mastered the art. This is an adventure bike that can hit the track too. I was surprised with the angle this bike can lean on. But one mistake and you had it.


That being said Ducati has loaded this bike with loads of features to let you not make a mistake. Automatic adjusting suspension is one thing that this bike inculcates from the bigger 1200. Rest of the features like riding modes, traction control, abs and the icing on the cake, cornering abs is all there. Yes, the bike is expensive but name any other bike offering all this at this price. Well you could say this is the most value for money bike among the expensive bike range if it is priced at the estimated price. And the best part you mostly don’t have to stop when the road ends. That is what adventure bikes are for.

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This is no less than a dream bike. Ducati have poured out everything that they had into making this bike and finding flaws would be nit-picking. Ducati may launch many more models of the Multistrada and if you felt the Ducati Multistrada 950 was a large bike, what would you say about the Multistrada 1200 and Enduro?


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