Chevron had the patents for the NiMH EV-95 battery, leading to the Rav4 EV being discontinued. Along with long charging time.

Hybrid cars

Toyota prefers hybrid cars over electric ones since they make use of fewer natural resources.

Toyota BZ4X

BZ4X is currently the only 100% EV car under the Toyota brand after all these years.

Toyota Prius - Hybrid

Prius is one of the top-selling cars in US market. The Toyota brand itself has 60% hybrid cars there.

Corolla Cross Hybrid

The Corolla Cross Hybrid is a popular choice among people looking for fuel efficiency.

Toyota Mirai

Mirai a Plug less hybrid, this  Fuel cell electric vehicle uses Hydrogen gas to power the car

30 EVs by 2030

Toyota announced to launch 30 cars by 2030, but it would also include Hybrids.