Toyota Calya is the latest offering from the Japanese automaker. This is the company’s compact and smallest MUV. So, what is the Calya all about? What does this MUV pack in? We share our detailed preview of this new seven seater. Is it a 5+2? The new Toyota Calya preview in-depth.

Toyota Calya Design

The Calya’s design is based on the Agya, however it even gets inspiration from the new Innova Crysta as well. This new compact MUV will have a thick chrome slat that will be forming the front grille with headlamps that meld well into the design. The fog Toyota Calya frontlamp bezel will have chrome surround and the fascia will be similar to other Toyotas. From the front, it can be mistaken to be a Ayga. It is the side profile, where things have changed. The three row glass seems to have been inspired form the Innova Crysta as it gets a similar shape. The door handles are grab ones and the side view mirror is similar to the Etios family. The Calya is the company’s latest MUV offering for the South-East Asian market. This rendering has been made by AutonetMagz.

Toyota Calya Interior

The interiors of the Calya will be like the Ayga. There won’t be any difference. A basic three spoke steering wheel along with a simple centre console. There will be an in dash music system and the Calya will come with dual airbags and ABS too. This will be a 5+2 seater, with the last two seats being for kids or short travel. The rear seats can be folded for more boot space. In timers of quality, this is better than the Datsun. The gear lever is mounted on the centre console system.

Toyota Calya dashboard

Toyota Calya Engine

Toyota will be using an engine between 980cc to 1,200cc on the Calya. Expect a 1.2-litre petrol engine producing 78bhp of power and 104Nm of peak torque for the Calya. This will be coming mated to a five-speed manual transmission. Toyota Calya’s chance to come to India are remote. If it does make it, then it should get the 1.4-litre diesel engine too. There will even be an automatic option as well. This will add more options for a buyer. Clay then becomes the only choice for someone who needs a seven seater and an automatic in this price.

Toyota Calya Price

The Toyota Calya will be priced in between the Ayga and the Avanza. This will be a 5+2 seater that will be about four metres in length. Toyota will want to enter the compact MUV segment.

Toyota Calya Competition

The Toyota Calya will be a direct competition to the Datsun Go Plus. This is the segment that even Suzuki will enter with its seven seater Wagon R.

Toyota Calya Launch Date

Expect the Toyota Calya to be launched towards the end of 2016. It won’t be making its way into India. This compact MUV will be Toyota’s entry-level MUV in Indonesia.