There are several phone manufacturers, however when it comes to OS systems, there Apple and Android are the most commonly used ones. It doesn’t matter whether you get the iPhone 6 or an iPad, you shall be getting the same interface and user experience. Similarly, a brand that is known for its luxury and pick one of the most powerful engines, the car here in question is the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the engine is the 350 CDI. Lets find out how good is the E350 CDI.

The exterior styling of the E350 CDI is the same like that of the other four-cylinder E-Class. There are only a couple of changes on the outside, one is the alloy wheels and its size and other is the E350 CDI badge. Looks are subjective and I will personally pick up the other set of alloy wheels. The E350 CDI gets the panoramic roof too.

Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI 28 On the inside is where multiple changes have been implemented, though they aren’t major. The E350 CDI gets a Harman Kadon music system with a larger screen. The V6 engine variant also reverse parking camera, 360-degree camera and Attention Assist. These are the additional bells and whistles offered on the E350 CDI. In terms of interior styling, quality and space nothing has been changed.

Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI 12

The front row of seats offers the same comfort and space. These are very comfortable seats and they have a good back, side and thigh support too. Mercedes-Benz has been known to make one of the most comfortable seats and the E-Class is no different. Slide into the rear seats and you will love the comfort they offer. The E-Class is certainly one of the most comfortable executive luxury sedans for the rear seats. The boot too is large enough to gobble weekend luggage for four people.

Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI 18

The engine in question is the 3.0-litre V6 diesel that produces 261bhp of power and 620Nm of peak torque. This is about 57bhp more than the E250 CDI, but when you drive both of them back-to-back is when you realise the difference. To be honest, you do not need this much power. The power produced by the V6 is a bit too much for city and even highway driving. The thrust produced by the V6 is a lot more than the four-cylinder, however the acceleration difference is much, when it comes to pure timings.

Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI 10

This also comes mated a seven-speed transmission, which is even used on the E200 CGI and E250 CDI. The shifts are smooth and jerk free. In the Sport mode, the transmission shifts are faster and even the throttle response is enhanced. It is in this mode, when you realise that the engine is a lot more powerful than the four cylinders. The fuel efficiency of the E350 CDI will be about 8 km/l in the city and this has a top speed electronically locked at 250km/hr.

Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI 06

The E350 CDI’s ride is similar to the other two engines, however due to larger wheels it is a bit on the stiffer side. The difference is minute and might not even be noticed. The handling of the E-Class is the same, and this does move swiftly around bends. For those who are used to heavier steering wheels, will take a while to get used to it. But that’s about it. The E-Class might not excite you but it can give others a run for their money.

Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI 17

Mercedes-Benz E350 CDI has been priced at Rs 71 lakhs (on-road). This is with the addition of two cylinders and a few features and a price bump of Rs 12 lakhs. If you really have extra money, then only look at the E350 CDI, else the E250 CDI will do the job well enough.


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