Ford Figo was the car that revived the fortunes of this company in India, when the 1st generation was launched. It went on to become a big success. Now in its second generation, the car has got mixed responses from the market. Ford loyalists are always praises for the car, while it has not gone down so well with many others. The Ford Figo Diesel is part of our long term fleet and we are experiencing this car in detail.  We bring you the pros and cons of this car and share our experience. Read on for our first reliability report.

Kms done: 1200

Repairs: 0

Mileage: 15.9 km/l overall (in a mix of city and highway)

Ford Figo Diesel Performance

If there is anything to revel about this car, it is the performance. The Figo comes with a 1.5-litre diesel engine that churns out about 100bhp @ 3750rpm. It has a  torque of 215Nm @1750rpm.


The engine has got strong pulling power. Its absolutely effortless and can beat quite a few bigger cars in acceleration. You hardly feel any lag even at lower RPMs and the car is ready to shoot off as soon as you step on the gas. Now this is the kind of performance any enthusiast seeks. For this kind of money, we think Ford has got it bang on in terms of performance.

The only area we felt it could be better was if it had a six-speed gearbox. The performance of this engine certainly demands one and high speed cruising would be even better with a sixth cog. The shift quality could also be better.

Ford Figo Diesel Mileage

The Figo is returning us around 14-15 km/l in the city (traffic conditions). On the highway the mileage is significantly better, which is anywhere between 17-19km/l. I feel the addition of a sixth gear can significantly improve highway mileage figures.

Ford Figo Diesel Comfort

Comfort of the car, in my opinion, begins with the cabin insulation. In this department, Ford has done a good job. There is barely any engine noise inside the cabin. There is some amount of tyre noise though. Replacing the stock Apollo tyres with a better one will eliminate this issue as well.

Good storage space in the floor console

The seats have good cushioning but the seating position feels a bit odd. It takes a while in figuring out an ideal driving position, which unfortunately is seldom attained. The steering is light and comfortable to operate. We wish the top end variants got a leather wrapped steering wheel.

Another thing I feel is a bad omission and that is a dead pedal. The footwell of the car is quite large. On long runs, there is no proper place to rest the left foot. This can get tiring and also irritating at times.


The rear seat has decent space and is pretty comfortable. There are also several storage spaces in the car. The door pockets can take 2 water bottles.

Ford Figo Diesel Features


Now this is where some things feel primitive. For example the audio system. There is no touchscreen offered here. The centre console looks dated and has so many buttons that look right from an 80’s science fiction film. There is no navigation. Also with no screen, obviously there is no reverse camera, but it even doesn’t get reverse parking sensors! I have always said that this feature needs to be made mandatory and finally a new proposal to the government has sought to address this issue in a couple of years.

In the next report we shall focus of ride and handling of the car, along with more details.


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