Yet another scooter has been launched in the market! Yes, this time again from Honda. The Japanese maker has been ruling the scooter segment for a few years now. The Activa has been the leader of the scooter segment by big margin and continues to be the undisputed leader. Now, while the scooter segment is evolving and buyers are now moving beyond the conventional 100/110cc segment, there have been very few affordable choices that offer that extra value. The new Honda Grazia 125 aims to fill in that gap. What is the Grazia all about? Who does it compete with? Is it a good buy? We answer all of this in our review. Read on further to know more.

Honda Grazia Video Review (Hindi)


Honda Grazia Front

The Honda Grazia is a modern and very stylish looking scooter. It is a head turner for sure. It is based on the Activa 125 and share the same mechanicals. However, it is radically different in design. The front sees a neat handlebar unit that fits snugly. The front panel has a bulged out shape and has sharp chiseled looks.

Honda Grazia headlamp

The highlight of this scooter is its headlamp. This is large in size and is a full LED one. The headlamp houses 8 LED lamps that are quite bright and powerful. Here is a scooter that throws a bright white light. And does it look good? Oh sure it does. It gives a very premium feel to the Grazia.

Honda Grazia front three quarter

From the side it resembles the Dio to an extent. The shape is similar but its the treatment that makes a difference. The Grazia has sharper looks and does not get those body graphics seen on the Dio. It does get a Honda sticker next to the footboard.The rear is long and stylish. It gets a split grab handle. The taillamp is large and is bright as well. The seat is long and broad hence it can keep both the rider and pillion comfortable.


The Grazia gets a fully digital instrument cluster, which is a first for any scooter. It also has a tachometer, which makes it the only scooter to have one. The switchgears are borrowed fron th Activa 125 and so are the mirrors. It also gets black alloy wheels. The front wheel is a 12-inch one and the rear is 10-inches. This is similar to the Activa 125.

There is an underseat storage of 18 litres. it can easily hold a half helmet. The footwell are is also quite spacious and the front panel never touched my knee throughout my ride.

Honda Grazia20171110


The Grazia is loaded with many features. Apart from the highlight LED headllamp, it gets a dedicate seat opening switch, placed right next to the ignition. This makes it very easy to open the seat and one needn’t use the key for this. There are three key positions – ‘Off-Seat-On’. The seat switch works only when the key is in ‘Seat’ position.

Honda Grazia seat switch

Another useful feature is the glovebox which is located on the front panel. This glovebox can store a mobile phone and there is also a provision for a charger there. However, one has to purchase the charger as part of the accessories.


The Grazia also gets a disc brake at the front, only in the top variant, similar to the Activa 125.

Engine and Performance

The Honda Grazia shares its engine with the Activa 125. There is no change in it. It is a 125cc unit that produces close to 8.5bhp of power and around 9Nm of torque. It is a smooth and refined engine, something you always expect from a Honda. The acceleration is brisk and the scooter performs well. The fiber body of the Grazia further helps in extracting better performance, thanks to the reduction in weight.

The Grazia feels best while cruising around 65 to 70 km/h. This is where a 125cc engine makes a difference. The engine feels more relaxed as compared to a 110cc one. This is suitable for both city and highway riding.

Ride and Handling

The Grazia is a sweet handler. It is light and this definitely helps in maneuvering the scooter. It is easy to mount it on the centre stand. I found the handling very nimble and this is a good thing. But despite the light weight, it remains pretty stable at high speeds. Even in excess of 85km/h it was holding on to the road well.

Well, this is not the speed at which this scooter needs to be ridden. I touched that speed as I was testing the Grazia and my advice is to avoid going beyond 70 km/h, in the interest of safety. The ride is also fairly supple, thanks to the front telescopic suspension setup which also helps on bad roads.


We have not done a detailed mileage test, however, we feel it should return around 45km/l.



The Honda Grazia comes across as scooter with attractive styling, great utility and good performance too. Should you buy it? Well, the answer is yes, if budget is not a constraint for you and you need that something extra that is lacking in say the regular Activa. The Grazia has a catchy design that does attract attention. It is departure from drab and boring scooters. With all the features, it is a good value package as it priced between ₹ 57,800 and ₹ 62,300 (ex-showroom – Delhi). It is just around ₹500 more than the Activa 125. This makes it a good enough reason to buy the Grazia.


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  • All brands are milking at the moment

  • With the very nice design and features, surprised to see a boring rear end, not to mention that the handlebars hit the knees of tall drivers. And why not go with larger wheels? Certainly the 12″ front is nice. Maybe someday more scooters with put on larger wheels such as the Aprilia 150, not only for performance but for safety. How many of us know the dangers of small wheels on sand and water? Outside India, Honda has marvelous scooters but India is so very slow to employ their designs. And many hope for a larger engine, such as a 150cc. With so many getting so fat these days, we need it!

  • Have to purchase new