Honda Activa is one of the highest selling scooters in the country. At the moment, this is the only scooter that is dominating the Indian scooter market. Since, its launch in early 2000, this scooter has taken complete control over the market. So, what does the Honda Activa have on offering for the Indian scooter market. How good is it to ride. Is it worth buying? We do a detailed story on the scooter and give you all the details on the Honda Activa Price.

Honda Activa 3G 02

Honda Activa Price in Delhi

Honda Activa Price in Delhi is INR 54,500 (on-road) in New Delhi. The instrument cluster on the bike remains almost similar. The seat too is similar. What I have always liked is the seat comfort and even the handle bar to seat distance is convenient too. There is no difference in the seat size or cushioning and it can seat two people in comfort.

Honda Activa Price in Mumbai

Honda Activa Price in Mumbai is INR 58,500 (on-road price).  The convenience and comfort of the Activa 3G is good. Everyone liked the Activa for these aspects and Honda has played safe by not changing it. The storage is sufficient for a half face helmet and this scooter is fairly comfortable.

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Honda Activa Price in Bengaluru

Honda Activa Price in Bengaluru is INR 60,785 (on-road). The engine on the Activa is the same 110cc single-cylinder petrol engine that produces about 8bhp of power and 8Nm of maximum torque too. There is no change in the engine specifications. Its a smooth engine and highly refined like any other Honda engine. The Honda Activa’s biggest strength has been its engine performance, not in 0-60km/hr but in the throttle response, the ease of riding in traffic, sufficient power to pull in traffic. The top speed of the Activa 3G is the same as the old Activa, 86km/hr.

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Honda Activa Price in Pune

Honda Activa Price in Pune is INR 56,000 (on-road). It reaches a speed of 60km/hr in about 11 seconds, which is good— just for your reference. The Activa 3G returns the same engine with HET, and a CVT transmission. Honda claims that the Activa 3G returns a fuel efficiency of about 60km/l, however in daily city running it will return about 45-50km/l depending on your riding style and how hard are you on the throttle. The Honda Activa 3G doesn’t get the telescopic suspension even in the new generation, which is a bit disappointing. The Japanese bike maker might have not included this to avoid the hike in price. So, the Activa 3G doesn’t get new underpinnings. It retains the same suspension set-up, which is preferred by its users and Honda wanted to continue with its tried and tested mechanicals.

Honda Activa 3G 07

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Honda Activa Price in Kolkata

Honda Activa Price in Kolkata is INR 59,322 (on-road). The scooter market is on the rise, and the Activa is still unbeatable. There are many better value for money offerings with more features than the Activa. But what Honda has made is a cult brand, with bullet proof reliability and a fantastic after sales and service. The Honda Activa 3G costs Rs 56,700 (on-road, Mumbai), which is almost the same like the previous Activa and this is more like a cosmetic upgrade on the bike than actually a new generation. Just like all the smartphones in the market, there are many better value for money phones than the iPhone, but what you get with this Apple device is the ease of usability, better quality and the assurance of assistance from the brand, just like Honda. The Activa 3G is no different.

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