Jaguar Land Rover is getting synonymous with innovations as the British luxury marquee is now working on the development of windows which would go up and come down by touching at glass. Although, it sounds wayward but the possibilities of having such a sophisticated system can’t be ignored. Generally, side windows whir up and down by pushing the button, but here one just has to touch the glass for the same.

World-renowned car designer and Jaguar Director, Ian Callum, told Autoblog was quite upbeat regarding this new project and said that public would witness such technology in future company cars, but he wasn’t sure of the time or year. He further added, “For instance, if you want to pull the windows down, you touch a certain area of the glass and you can actually just drop them down.” Callum would go on to caution, “These things are all a work in progress at the moment.” Though, Callum refrained to comment on how actually the technology would work but said, “Oh, I can’t tell you (laughs)… it’s proximity, mainly.” Ian Callum was at Jaguar Land Rover stands on the eve of 2015 Detroit Auto Show, interacting with the press and media.

Ian Callum also spoke about the company’s vision and future innovations taking place in the company R&D centres. He gave an in-sight of the proximity-based switchgear, which is being used in Jaguar cars for interior overhead lighting controls and glovebox release. Jaguar XF was the first car to feature proximity switchgear, where the occupants, usually, used their knees to open the gloveboxes. Meanwhile, when asked about any safety concerns involved in the touch-control window system, he replied with a grim on face, “I think if it’s a very specific area, there’s absolutely no ambiguity about what you’re trying to do – it’s fine.”


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