Fiat cars are not just about practicality but also a lot of fun. The heart always takes over the head when you buy Fiat. I have personally liked Fiats, and there is no reason to avoid buying one. They are good looking, well-priced, feature loaded, built tough and have reliable engines too. I was more than glad when the Fiat Punto Evo came to us as our new long termer. After driving the Grande Punto for a long duration, it was now time to get our hands on the Punto Evo. Read further to find out how did the Punto Evo perform in our reliability test.


Driven: 4005kms

Odo reading: 6800kms-10805kms

Driving conditions: City, highway and very bad roads

Mileage: 15km/l

Maintenance cost: None so far


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Fiat Punto Evo Design

The styling of the Fiat Punto Evo is one that will grab attention first. The Italians know how to design a car and it is clearly visible. A gorgeous looking car, the Fiat Punto Evo also gets chrome treatment to add some more style. The Punto Evo is one of the most stylish hatchbacks that are currently sold and it looks premium too with its high-gloss paint. It has elongated headlamps, a wide grille and chunky chrome fog lamp bezels. The ORVMs get turn indicators. The taillamps are easily one of the best on any hatchback and to a lot of glamour to the car. The overall fit and finish has improved drastically and even the entry level variant of the Punto Evo looks premium.

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Fiat Punto Evo Interiors


The Punto Evo’s interior styling too looks contemporary. The amber-backlit interiors look very classy. The new piano black centre console and the new instrument cluster do look stylish. The new feature addition is the rear AC vent and ambient orange lighting. This makes the interiors look voguish even in the dark. quality of materials, fabric etc are all of better quality now.


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Fiat Punto Evo Engine

The Punto Evo comes with two engine options. First one is a 1.2 petrol engine that has 68bhp of power. Then there is a 1.3 Multijet diesel engine with two states of tune – a 75bhp one and a 93bhp one. Our Punto Evo is the 75bhp one and to be honest, it feels better to drive than the previous Punto as the gearing has been changed (has been made taller) and the need to shift gears in city has reduced by a good extent.

There is decent power even at lower rpm and the Punto Evo feels a lot easier to drive for daily use. The power is a lot more linear and that sudden surge of power that used to come at 2000rpm has been diluted because of the gearing. The 75 bhp version has been discontinued in the Punto Evo and is available only in the Punto Pure (the older look car).



Fiat Punto Evo Ride and Handling

On the highway too, the Punto Evo drives with easy and doesn’t feel like it will run out of steam. In fact because of its high-speed confidence, the Punto Evo is one of the best hatchbacks to drive on the highway. It feels like a bigger sedan due to the comfort and ease it offers. We have even driven the Punto Evo on bad roads with a fully loaded car and it doesn’t bottom out, neither does it feel sluggish on bad roads. The Punto Evo’s ground clearance of 185mm is more than sufficient for Indian road conditions.


One aspect of the Punto Evo, you might not find in many hatchbacks is the build quality. Once inside the Punto Evo, you feel safe and secure. When you drive on bad roads, the suspension or the body doesn’t feel light and the body happiness absorbs all the road shocks and jounce keeping the occupants at affluence. Then comes the handling capability of the Punto Evo. It hugs the road and provides maximum road grip. The Punto Evo is one of the best handling hatchbacks at the moment.


There are a few things that we do not like of the Punto Evo. First, it misses out on lane change indicator— a feature in the indicator stalk for quick lane change. The turning radius could have been a bit tighter. And finally, Blue and Me, could stream music too.



Fiat Punto Evo Price 

On-road, Mumbai prices
1.2 Dynamic PetrolINR 6.9 lakhs
1.3 Active MultijetINR 8.16 lakhs
1.3 Dynamic MultijetINR 8.94 lakhs
1.3 Emotion MultijetINR 9.5 lakhs


Fiat Punto Evo Specifications

Length3989 mm
Width1687 mm
Height1525 mm
Wheelbase2510 mm
Ground Clearance185 mm
Kerb Weight1198 kg
Diesel Engine1248 cc
Power90 bhp @ 4000rpm
Torque209 Nm @ 2000rpm
Petrol Engine1172 cc
Power67 bhp @ 6000rpm
Torque96 Nm @ 2500rpm

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