What do you do if you have to make a best seller even better? Well, you try and make it more attractive and also add some individuality to it. Toyota has done something similar with Innova. The Innova Crysta is the best selling MUV in India and now, to offer its customers something new, Toyota has introduced a special edition called the Innova Touring Sport. What is the Toyota Innova Touring Sport all about? We review this vehicle and bring you the details.


Innova Touring Sport Side

The Innova Touring Sport is basically the Innova Crysta, however gets some styling changes. The basic design remains exactly the same, however, there are some styling cues which make it look different. First and foremost is the ‘Wildfire Red’ colour that is quite eyecatching. We have usually seen Innovas in more subtle shades, so this ones comes across as a tad loud in comparison. Then, the front grille is black in colour and also gets some chrome garnishing on the sides. The projector headlamps are now blacked out ones. A combination of all these give the Innova a much more aggressive and mean lookInnova Touring Sport Rear


The bottom of the front bumpers get a spoiler which also gets a chrome garnish. There is all round cladding on the vehicle with also extends to the wheels arches. The tailgat has a black garnish between the number plate and the rare windshield. The rear bumper also gets a spoiler at the bottom, with chrome inserts. The Touring Sport badge sits just below the right taillamp. Toyota Innova Touring Sport has chrome on its ORVMs, which is same as the Crysta. We feel that black ORVMs would have looked much better and sportier in the Touring Sport. Somehow, the chrome mirrors do not suit here.


Innova Touring Sport Seats

There are quite a few refreshments here as well. To start with, the interior theme is now all black. The seats have black leather on them to add some more paparazzi, they are stitched in red now. This also extends to the steering leather wrap, which also has red stitching on it. The mock-wood inserts are now in red finish, instead of the brown ones in the Crysta.

Toyota Innova Touring Sport wood insert

The wooden part on the steering is now black and that also extends on the rear door panel. The instrument cluster has red illumination rings, which we have seen in blue colour in the Crysta.

Innova Touring Sport steering red stitch

In terms of space, storage and seating configuration, the Toyota Innova Touring Sport is identical to the top variants of the Innova Crysta and we are glad about that. Apart form this there are no changes.

Engine and Transmission

The Toyota Innova Touring Sport has the same engines and transmission options as the Innova Crysta. It comes with a 2.7-litre petrol engine which churns out 164 bhp of power. This engine comes with a 5-speed manual abd 6-speed automatic transmission. The diesel is a 2.4-litre engine which has 149bhp of power and comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Then there is a .8-litre engine with 172bhp of power and this comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

There is no change in the performance of the Toyota Innova Touring Sport as compared to the Crysta. The diesel engine does get noisy when pushed hard, but is not much of a bother while cruising.

Ride and Handling

In terms of Ride and handling, there is again no change in this MUV. It encompasses all the virtues of the Innova Crysta. The ride is quite pliant, supported by very good seats. The pitching and rolling is now better controlled as compared to the previous generation Innova.  Toyota has now made the wheels standard at 16 inches, across all variants. There were some issues in the 17-inchers, hence for time being, Toyota has resorted to the 16-inchers While they are good, i feel that the 17 inches gave the Innova a better grip and feelt more sure footed. Hope they are able to resolve the problem soon.

the Innova is a great vehicle not only for highway driving but within the city to. It has a tight turning radius of 5.4 meters and taking U-turns is a breeza in it. It is also very easy to park in tight spots and he Innova can give serious competition to a few hatchbacks in this area.


There is no change in the mileage as well. The Petrol Manual will return around 9-10km/l, while the automatic will return 7-8 km/l. The Manual diesel will return 12-14 km/l while the automatic will return 10-11km/l. These are in real life driving conditions and may vary from driver to driver.


VariantsPrice (on-road, New Delhi)
Petrol ManualINR 19.8 lakhs
Petrol AutomaticINR 23.8 lakhs
Diesel ManualINR 22.5 lakhs
Diesel AutomaticINR 25.7 lakhs

The Toyota Innova Touring Sport is priced between INR 19.8 lakhs and INR 25.7 lakhs (on-road, Delhi).

Innova Touring Sport badge


Toyota Innova Touring Sport is a well made special edition. though the changes are only cosmetic, they do provide some individuality to the vehicle and also set it apart. We specially have liked the black interiors and also the red stitching on the seats. The Innova has always given us little room to complain and the Touring Sport also continues to have this virtue. If you want to be a bit different while buying India’s best MUV, then the Toyota Innova Touring Sport is the best for you.






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