For an Auto journalist there are some vehicles that are very exciting. This is not that car. This is a car that may be is once in a lifetime vehicle and been sent by Gods themselves. From the time Isuzu came to India in 2012 I had been waiting like a child awaits for the ice-cream truck. Long hours at the window which is windows 10 and now the wait is finally over. My editor has told me to curb my enthusiasm but this is what the V-Cross is for, the hardcore enthusiasts. Isuzu came to India with the DMax and the humongous MU-7. DMax becoming the commercial pick-up favourite of logistics companies and the MU-7 doing an average sale. How the Isuzu V-Cross has been driving around in my dreams let us see.

Lot of people think this is a new brand to India but the fact is Isuzu has been here even before Maruti. Hindustan Motors had launched the Ambassador and the Contessa which were the superstar of cars at that time. The Amby being the workhorse, which was still used by politicians till recent times and the Contessa being a celebrity status symbol. Both these cars had and Isuzu petrol and diesel engine. The cars faded away, but Isuzu got the reputation of being the engines that gets passed on to the next generation. Brothers have broken ties over who gets the property. Now years later Isuzu decided they couldn’t stand to see anymore family disputes and people can own a car they can love. In 2016 Isuzu launched what is supposed to be the 1st ever lifestyle vehicle. Can also be the second as we had the Tata Xenon earlier but it lacked in terms of luxury.

Isuzu V-Cross Price in India

PlacesPrice (on-road)
New DelhiINR 15,24,392
BangaloreINR 16,84,227
PuneINR 15,80,140
ChennaiINR 16,31,939
HyderabadINR 16,18,945
MumbaiINR 15,80,140
KolkataINR 15,20,246
ChandigarhINR 14,86,259

With the V-Cross being 2-3 lakhs more than the Xenon and the Getaway is it really worth it. Well the V-Cross offers much more too. And we shall see ahead how you get every bit of your hard earned money.

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Isuzu V-Cross Design

Isuzu V-Cross front

Isuzu did not want this to look like a sexy car but more a monster that can tackle every terrain and scares the life out of the Auto-Rickshaws who come in your way. On the front you have the big chrome grill with chrome ISUZU written. I’m happy it is chrome because it it was white, would look like teeth and would be perfect for a Colgate commercial. The grill is supported with a chrome lining on the bonnet. The grill flows in either side into the headlamps which are clear and have projectors. It is a 1st for a pick-up in India. The fog lamps too are deep within, hence a lesser chance of it getting damaged.

Isuzu V-Cross rear

Once we move on to the side we realise how big this vehicle is, well big being and understatement. Over 5 metres long can give tough competition to some tempos. The massive wheel arcs make it feel like this car has been taking its protein shakes and hitting the gym regularly. The chrome on the mirrors with the side indicators are a elegant and premium touch. From the side we also can notice how Isuzu have tried to make this monster a bit more aerodynamic. This car has been tested in the same wind tunnel in Japan as that of the bullet train. From the back it’s is a simple pick-up with a black rear fibre bumper just incase you plan to really hit into the forest and if the bumper gets hit wouldn’t cost much to fix it. There is an emergency brake light right in the centre just above the rear wind screen. Only wish Isuzu had put bigger wheels as the 16 inch alloys look too small for this vehicle.

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Isuzu V-Cross Dimensions

Ground Clearance225mm
Kerb Weight1905kgs
Deck load Capacity265 kgs

Isuzu V-Cross Interiors

On the inside the dash is very well designed and the dual tone black and beige interiors blend well. The 3 spoke steering is what you must have seen earlier on the DMax, but now has steering mounted controls and silver strips on the side. The instrument cluster if big with tachometer and speedometer on each side of a small 2.5 inch screen providing necessary info about ABS or fuel or something you would love to see is when your 4×4 mode kicks in. Just like the body the A/C vents too are huge. Any bigger my palm would slip in.

Isuzu V-Cross interior

Isuzu is offering a 7-inch infotainment display that lets you connect your phone and play DVD along with maps, sadly it misses out on a reversing camera which is a must for this magnitude of vehicle. The screen is quite clear. What really impressed me are the speakers. The car we tested had stock speakers and the quality of sound was really good. So good that it was too good to be true especially for a pick-up. This again is the first where a pick-up comes with automatic climate control. The whole centre console is similar to that found on the Chevy Trailblazer and that car costs almost 10 lakhs more. Here too you get a space in the centre to keep your idols and two glove boxes on the left. Unfortunately, there is a storage space below the steering that keeps hitting your shin while driving. I guess they made a big car for short people. The seats are broad and comfortable.

Isuzu V-Cross music system

On stepping at the back you would end up pinching yourself looking at the leg room. If there is anything pick-up vehicles are known not to provide is the legroom for the 2nd row. This is not the case here. You can sit comfortable well. And the seat is long unlike the Xenon and Getaway, so your thigh support is great. But everything is not perfect. The backrest of the rear seats is a bit to erect. Since it has a curve shorter people would be comfortable, taller people may have back pain on long drives. Here too there is enough storage space below the seats and behind the rear seats. Alcohol from Daman is guaranteed on the return. The A/C of this car was a freezer, even in this oven-bake summer heat the car cooled very fast and made it a bit too cold. It was the 1st time I ever heard my friend say “Bro A/C thoda kam kar na?” One thing I did not like was the fact that Isuzu either forgot or did not find it necessary to put lights in the switches. I mean now a days you find that in a 150cc bike or a Tata Nano. This would be indeed a blunder of a lifetime.

Isuzu V-Cross Specifications

Power134 bhp @ 3600 rpm
Torque320 Nm @ 1800-2800 rpm
Drive typeShift-on-the-fly 4WD

Isuzu V-Cross Engine and Transmission

Isuzu have provided this beast with a big 2.5-litre engine that pulls this mammoth rather easily. The power it produces is 134bhp, which may seem less for this engine but is just about right for the car. The 320Nm torque kicks in really early making gearshifts very sell. It is a rare sighting like a comet that you can start from 0 on 2nd gear. I can be doing 60 km/hr on 5th gear and it pulls all the way to 160km/h without any lag. But this is in 4×2 mode. Many cars provide the shift on fly mode to go from 4×2 to 4×4 but there is always a speed restriction of 30 km/h. There is a restriction in the V-Cross too but it is at 100 km/hr. That my friends asks for a huge round of applause. They say that the engine is powerful enough to pull a 2.5 ton vehicle if attached to this car, sadly I did not get to try it.

Isuzu V-Cross headlamp

Isuzu V-Cross Mileage

Isuzu claims an efficiency of 12.4 km/l overall. This is a decent figure given the size and engine of this car. Given its 55 litre tank this car can travel for around 500 km on one tank of fuel. Incase you feel the need for more you have a huge storage bay to carry more fuel in you plan to take a vacation deep into the forest.

Isuzu V-Cross Colours

The colours available for the V-Cross are

  • Cosmic Black
  • Titanium Silver
  • Orchid Brown
  • Splash White
  • Obsidian Grey

And as always “yes it does come in black”!!!!

Isuzu V-Cross Ride and Handling

Honestly when I first sat into the car, I was intimidated. I have driven some insanely fast cars yet, had the fear sink in. But once I got comfortable at the driver’s seat everything seemed to fall in place. The clutch was extremely light. Anything softer I would be stepping on a slab of butter. The steering though a bit hard but had good amount of feedback and the accelerator was precise. The gear shifts a bit on the rubbery side but one used to it won’t have a problem. Just hoping there was a 6th gear too.

Isuzu V-Cross side

I had loaded my Duke on to the V-Cross and still managed to do 160 km/hr with the bike at the back. The big windscreen and rear view mirrors made things easy. What was surprising was that for a tall SUV stance like vehicle there was hardly any body roll. The front suspension is soft and soaks in bumps easily. There is no vibration that get into the cabin. One major drawback was the rear leaf suspension that felt jumpy is there was no weight in the tray.  Since I had the Duke that issue seemed to be resolved but would you always have the bike at the back. One of the Local MLA’s saw the car and decided to slow down to have a better look and I had to emergency brake, and I have to say I am mind blown by the brakes. Without exaggeration it beats the likes of the old Fortuner too.

Should you buy it?

Well, it is a good product. However, there are two drawbacks. First being not many buyers consider pick-ups, and an SUV instead would have been an ideal fit here. So, Isuzu V-Cross would have gone against the Mahindra Scorpio and the Tata Safari Storme. This would mean an easy victory for the Japanese manufacturer as it has better refinement and durability. At the same time, the second reason, why Isuzu V-Cross will face major hurdles is the Isuzu brand’s network and name in India isn’t vast. So, buyers will be hesitant in purchasing the V-Cross.

Isuzu V-Cross Image Gallery


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