Mahindra Mojo has been in the talking for a while. This new bike was liked by my colleague who had gone for the initial test ride of the bike. The interesting bit here is that we weren’t sure of how good the bike is. Then I rode the bike during the MotorOctane MotoDay Awards 2016 Jury session. I did like some of the aspects, while some I didn’t. Hence, I decided to take the bike for a longer duration. Ride this bike and see if it is really worth the talk? Mahindra has been doing so many trails with this bike. Is it worth consideration? After riding the bike for a month, following are my initial pointers on the bike. 

Mahindra Mojo – on the Highway

Mahindra Mojo Tank

This is where the bike is ideal. If you need to go touring, this is a good option to consider. Especially, when you want to ride on an open road with majorly straight roads. The bike soaks up bumps with ease and is very comfortable. On our road trip to Lonavla, the ride was comfortable and pliant. We didn’t feel tiring as the bike has been comfortable. With the heavier weight of the bike, there is very little load on the rider. On our way back, we took a pillion as well. Now, this is where the difference is. The bike is comfortable for a single rider. With two, it wasn’t comfortable at all. You start feeling tired quickly and even the pillion isn’t very happy. So, we recommend to ride solo for long trips. Still, we shall try and do a couple of more trips with a pillion and share the report accordingly.

Mojo LED Taillamp

One aspect that we absolutely loved of the Mojo is the suspension. The comfort on bad and broken roads. This is ideal for Indian road conditions. But then, on winding roads it isn’t very confident.

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Mahindra Mojo – in the street lanes

Mojo - Exterior Shots (4)

Well, here is the tough bit. The front of the Mojo is a bit too heavy. This makes it difficult to manoeuvre in the city. So, this does feel like a big bike that does have the power to move fastest, but cannot be ridden like small bikes. With a fuel tank of 21 litres, we filled up all 21 litres in it. This is recommended when you are out touring. Not for city riding. The exhaust is loud and it will turn heads for sure. But this bike doesn’t seem to be like the other flavour of the month ones. This seems to a good tourer and even comfortable on inter-city highways. More coming up in the next report. Watch this space for more.

Mojo - Radiator Grille

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