Tata Zest has been in our long term garage for a while and we have clocked in excess of 16,000 kilometres. The compact sedan has done its first service and this is first report post the servicing. Let us tell you how has the Zest fared with us so far.

Tata Zest AMT Mileage

We were getting about 17km/l in the city, however at the moment it is hovering about 15km/l. This is majorly due to an increase in our driving in more traffic prone zones in the city. The mileage on the highway is still at a steady 21km/l. This compact sedan has been a delight even on the highways especially due to its power.


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Tata Zest AMT Power

Tata Zest music system

The Zest diesel has sufficient power to drive in the city, however what we also like is that power is available on most of the times. So, overtaking isn’t much of an issue, unless you are driving on a single lane highway. Here, what has to be done is use the manual mode, downshift and overtake. What the Zest offers is stress free driving and this what makes it a great option to consider. There has been no doubt that the Fiat supplied engine is highly reliability. But the gearing used on the Zest makes it even better package. The acceleration is linear, however the turbo boost is when you feel the increase in power. One needs to learn to adjust to control the boost with the accelerator.

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Tata Zest AMT in City

Automatics are meant for city use majorly and the AMT on the Zest makes life stress free when driving in the city. This is one of the strongest points for the Zest. With no creep function, things can be a bit different especially if you are used to driving automatics. Thats just one downside on the Zest so far. Where this compact sedan moves up is the ease of driving. There is sufficient pull from the engine and the all around visibility.

Zest joins the long-termer fleet
Zest joins the long-termer fleet

If city, you need to be alert on the road and it is important to have good all round visibility. This is what the Zest does with its large glass area and big size outside rear view mirrors That is where this compact sedan is good and then the manner in which you sit in the car. It isn’t too low slung, neither too high to climb into it. With the Zest AMT, you walk into the car and sit like a chair. This makes it a great thing as the comfort is more and then the Zest even has large and comfy seats too. So, driving in city is a breeze and with no need to shift gears.

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