If there has been any MUV that has won the hearts of Indian customers, it has been the Toyota Innova. The Innova has been the japanese manufacturer’s best seller in India. Though being priced at a premium to its competiton, the Innova took not time in becoming a favourite and a preferred people mover. Comfort, space, reliability and many more factors helped it become a best seller. New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017. This vehicle is now better on performance, features, fit and finish and also space.

There are several new features on offer on the 2017 version. To begin with, the G MT variant gets rear AC vents, GX-AT/MT comes with rear arm rest (8 seater), rear cup holder, driver seat height adjustment, door ajar warning display for each of the doors. VX-MT gets LED fogs and normal audio to navigation. The ZX gets fog LEDs.

Toyota has once again set a benchmark with the Innova Crysta. Now it is upto the competition to catch up. It has once again started to sell in large number despite the hike in price. That shows the level of confidence that people have in the Toyota Innova brand. We review the Toyota Innova Crysta in detail and tell you whether it is worth buying. Read on further.

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Video


New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Price in India

VariantPrice (on-road, New Delhi)
GX MT 7 str Petrol₹ 15.41 lakhs
GX MT 8 str Petrol₹ 15.45 lakhs
GX AT 7 str Petrol₹ 16.59 lakhs
GX AT 8 str Petrol₹ 16.65 lakhs
VX MT 7 str Petrol₹ 18.48 lakhs
ZX AT 7 str Petrol₹ 21.75 lakhs
G MT 7 str 2.4 Diesel₹ 16.05 lakhs
G MT 8 str 2.4 Diesel₹ 16.10 lakhs
GX MT 7 str 2.4 Diesel₹ 17.04 lakhs
GX MT 8 str 2.4 Diesel₹ 17.08 lakhs
GX AT 7 str 2.8 Diesel₹ 18.47 lakhs
GX AT 8 str 2.8 Diesel₹ 18.52 lakhs
VX MT 7 str 2.4 Diesel₹ 20.17 lakhs
VX MT 8 str 2.4 Diesel₹ 20.22 lakhs
ZX MT 7 str 2.4 Diesel₹ 22.32 lakhs
ZX AT 7 str 2.8 Diesel₹ 23.76 lakhs


There has been an increase in the price of the Crysta 2017, but then there has been an addition in features, quality, performance, mileage and safety too. Is the price worth it? Of course it is.  IT is expensive but then there are a lot more things on offer, be it quality, space and even features. 

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Specifications

Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Specifications

Power148 bhp
Torque343 Nm
Transmission5-speed manual
Bigger Engine2755cc
Power172 bhp
Torque360 Nm
Transmission6-speed auto


New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Exterior

Toyota Innova Crysta 2017

The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 has increased in size and is larger than the earlier vehicle. It is taller and wider too. The MUV looks striking with the newly styled grille. The headlamps are large and sleek ones. This time they get projector lamps and daytime running LEDs. The headlamps look like a part of the grille. The lower grille is a glossy black one.

From the side, the Innova Crysta looks like a thorough MUV. It is boxy but Toyota has tried to keep it minimal. The galls are is smaller so the vehicle looks even bigger. The shoulder line rises towards the rear and though boxy, it looks stylish. It gets new 17-inch alloy wheels.

The rear is also completely different this time. the rear end seems inspired from the Land Cruiser.The taillamps are fang shaped ones and look stylish. It looks like an SUV from the rear. Toyota has tried hard to conceal the Innova’s boxy look buy giving it a lot of styling cues from its SUVs.

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Interiors

TheNew Toyota Innova Crysta gets all new interiors. They feel very premium and plush as well. In comparison, the earlier feels drab and very dull. The dashboard is an all new one and gets a layered treatment. The steering wheel is all new and gets controls for audio, the driver information and also cruise control. The instrument cluster is attractive and has two backlit dials and the MID screen in the centre. This is a very informative interface.

The audio system in new and also get a new climate control. The seats feel plush and comfortable. It also gets a cooled glovebox .The new touchscreen system has navigation and a reverse parking camera as well. Then the Innova Crysta also has a push button start and keyless entry. The steering wheel is chunky and great to hold. It feels like a premium SUV. The seat leather is also very good.

The rear is very spacious and it is quite easy to get in. The front seats have tray tables for rear passengers. it also gets a rear AC. The space in the third row is just fine. The knee room is a bit tight for the third row passengers. The head room is also just fine.

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New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Engine

The Innova Crysta 2017 gets a new 2.4-litre diesel engine which delivers 145bhp of power. This a more powerful engine than the earlier one and the NVH levels are also pretty low. There is always sufficient power available when required. One can drive easily in city without too many gearshifts and also on the highway, cruising comfortably. The torque spread is even.


toyota innova crysta engine

There is another engine in the Innova Crysta, which is a 2.8-litre engine and this comes mated only to a six-speed automatic gearbox. This engine churns out 177bhp of power. This engine has excellent performance and the gearshifts too are very smooth.  The Innova Crysta also has a 2.7-litre petrol engine on offer with 164bhp of power. This engines come in both manual and automatic transmissions. The petrol is suitable if your city running is limited.

The Innova Crysta does not get a 4X4 option, hence it is not recommended for off-roading.

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New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Mileage

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Mileage

2.7 Petrol9 km/l
2.4 MT12km/l
2.8 AT10km/l

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Ride and Handling

The premium feel of the Innova Crysta is also in the way it drives. Though this vehicle has a ladder frame (subframe) chassis, it feels very comfortable. The ride remains composed and passes on minimal undulations of the road. The new chassis is even more stronger now. An improved suspension sees the ride quality improve a lot over the earlier vehicle, there is much less pitching and rolling now. Hence it is ideal for long distance travel.

At slow speed you can feel some thuds inside, but higher speeds its good. The steering wheel feel a bit heavy at parking speed. But as speeds rise, it gets better and a joy to hold and drive. The brakes are also very good and a progressive.  The all round visibility of the New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 is excellent and one drives in a commanding portion.  The Innova Crysta is also a great vehicle to drive within the city. It has a tight turning radius hence taking sharp U-turns is a breeze. Even parking poses no problem.

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Colours

The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 comes in 7 colour options. These are

  • Super White
  • Alumina Jade,
  • Attitude Black
  • Avant Grande Bronze
  • Silver Metallic
  • Dark Gray Mica Metallic

The colours available are majorly metallic. White, gray and silver will be the highest selling colours in the Indian market.

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Variants

Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Variants

G (7/8 Seater)MT
GX (7/8 Seater)AT/MT, Petrol
VX (7/8 Seater)MT, Petrol
ZX (7/8 Seater)AT/MT Petrol

Toyota will add more variants to this MUV. At the moment, it is offering variants that are majorly attractive for private car buyers. The New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 will not get into the fleet segment, just yet.

New Toyota Innova Crysta 2017 Features


  • SUV-inspired styling
  • New front grille
  • Projector headlamps
  • 17-inch alloy wheels
  • Fang-shaped taillamps


  • Leather seats
  • Leather/wood steering wheel
  • Push button start
  • Driver seat electric adjust
  • Touchscreen audio with navigation
  • Reverse camera
  • Auto AC


  • Cruise Control
  • 7 airbags
  • ABS with EBD
  • Hill hold
  • Speed sensing door lock

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