We have recently gotten our hands on the new Renault Kiger. The Kiger is a cars which share a lot of things with the Nissan Magnite. How different is the Renault Kiger Should you buy it? Here is the complete review of the same.

Kwid like Design

New Renault Kiger

The design of the Renault Kiger resembles very close to that of the Kwid. It looks like a bigger and buffed Kwid which might be not that good if you look at buyers point of view. A lot of people might mistake it for a Kwid and spending Rs 5.45 lakhs minimum you don’t want your car being called Kwid.



Renault Kiger Front

This model that we reviewed is the top most model that you can buy in the Renault Kiger with a non turbo engine. This is the RXZ – Dual tone option with manual gearbox. The dual tone costs Rs 17,000 more and the total cost amounts to Rs 8.89 lakhs on road in Mumbai.

Renault Kiger Headlight

This is built on the same platform as the Magnite. The bonnet area of the vehicle has been pushed forward if compared with the Magnite. The car looks quite larger in real life and there is high amount of space on the inside.

Side Design

Renault Kiger

From the side the car looks quite long and that road presence is also quite good. This is further accentuated with the contrasting black panel on the sides and the unique design on the alloy wheels. Also the dual tone option does not reduce the bulk but very smartly makes it looks bigger from the lower half. Lastly the roof rails are silver and they add to roof design.


Rear Design

New Renault Kiger Rear

The rear design of the vehicle is quite coupe like. This does not eat into headroom but instead aids in adding more boot space. The Kiger boasts a boot space of 400 litres. To get a realistic idea of how big the boot is you should take a look at the video. One of the downside of the boot is that the lip is quite high so loading and unloading heavy stuff from the boot will be a problem.

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At the first glance the dashboard looks clean. The floating display looks like an afterthought. Also it remind of the Magnite. The start stop button is also placed on the centre console. When you start the vehicle the fully digital instrument cluster welcomes you. The graphics of the instrument cluster look like a HUD from a game. For the complete information of the steering wheel head over to the video.


Lastly the wiper stocks are on the left and the light control and indicators are on the right. The infotainment system is interactive and highly responsive. We have conducted a sound test on the vehicle and you can watch it in the video. The car gets an option arkmys sound system. The glove box of the car is massive and it gets 2 storage spaces at the front.

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Front Seats

The seats of the vehicle are fabric and have good bolstering. It is quite thick and supportive for the side and sort of hugs the passenger.

Front and Rear Seats

The ambient lighting of this car get a physical button to turn on and off and there is no customisation regarding the colour of the light.


You can adjust the steering wheel for height but not for reach. One thing that looks off is the lock mechanism on the door. This looks dated and modern at the same time.

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Rear Seats

Space in the rear is decent enough and as said before the car does have good amount of headroom. Seating 3 people is a tight fit and the car offers a centre armrest with 2 cup holders so the company also does not intend on seating 3 people at the back.

The rear AC vents are also pushed back which leaves very less room for the centre passenger. You also get a 12V charging socket. There is no centre tunnel and this is the only upside for the third passenger.

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Renault Kiger Driving

renault kiger

The non-turbo version of the vehicle gets driving modes. The complete experience of driving the Renault Kiger has been expressed in our video. Take a look at the video to know understand better how does the Renault Kiger drives

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  • Hello Rachit,

    Thanks for the wonderful review.
    Now coming to the cars, I have taken test drive of Altroz (Non-Turbo) and Kiger RXZ turbo MT.
    Here is how I felt about the cars.

    1. Stunning Look.
    2. Very good ground clearance.
    3. Good space utilization
    4. No space to rest the left foot, may be tiring in long drives.
    5. A bit heavy clutch (the sales guy claimed that, it is particular to this test drive car and will be fine on the new cars)
    6. Rear visibility is narrow.

    1. Good handling
    2. Spacious cabin
    3. Safe car
    4. Good visibility all around.
    5. Rachit’s convincing 7500 KM drive review (Mumbai -Jaipur-Mumbai).
    6. A bit of vibration during ignition.
    7. Low ground clearance.

    So, which vehicle you recommend, Kiger RXZ Turbo MT or Altroz XZ i-turbo?