Royal Enfield Service On Wheels is a service is service started after the unlock. This is a great way of getting your Royal Enfield serviced at your door step. So you can book the appointment of service on wheels from your Royal Enfield App.

RE Service on Wheels Technician

Once the technician has arrived you can handover your bike to him and watch him service the whole thing in front of your eyes. This is a very good thing as most of the showrooms do not allow you to get the bike serviced under your supervision. Our service started with an oil change.

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Oil Change Oil Drain

If you have seen an oil change it might become a messy job if not done properly. But with the Royal Enfield Technician it was a very organized and super tidy process.

The old oil was collected in a tray and even the bike had been covered with plastic near the drain bolt to prevent drip marks on the bash plate.

Oil Gasket

A complete drain of old oil from our long term Himalayan was followed by the replacement of the oil filter and cleaning of the drain bolt.

Oil Change

Later on the almost 2 liters of Royal Enfield semi-synthetic oil was added to the bike and the oil change process was complete.

Oil Filtre

Air Filter

Air Filtre Himalayan

Next the technician cleaned the air filter. Royal Enfield Cleaner spray was used to clean the air filter cavity as well as the filter. This of course was not a thorough clean as the there was not a pressure blower. Now as the seat had been opened to access the Air filter the battery was accessed next.

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Battery Check-Up

First the battery terminals were checked using a volt meter, both while idling and at higher revs. When it was determined the battery is healthy they added electrical contact gel which prevents rusting of the battery terminals.

Battery Check up

After the checkup the panels were closed and the Mechanic moved towards the rear swing arm.

Rear Wheel Checkup  Chain Adjustment

The rear wheel check up includes checking the rim for bends and then moving on to other aspects like the brakes and chain slack.

Brake buffing

First the brakes were removed and sanded. Then the chain was adjusted while the wheel was being aligned manually. Kudos to the Mechanics skills which allowed him to get these complicated tasks done while the bike was just on the main stand.

Rear wheel cleanup

To finish it all the axel was greased and the chain was lubed.

Front Wheel Check Up

Front Wheel

The Front wheels axel was greased and then the brakes were sanded. This was followed by the adjustment of the wheels for play and every thing was bolted off.

Front Wheel

Levers and Cables

Finally the technician moved to the handlebar and removed the cables. These were first oiled and then lubed. Also the clutch cable was adjusted to fit the riders usage. The brakes were also checked.

Toping off the break fluid can not be done out side the workshop as it is dangerous to work with brake fluid out side and it requires additional equipment.

Finally all the electrical switches have been cleaned with electrical contact cleaner. This was a thorough cleanup as the switch gear had been opened up to adjust the throttle.

Total Cost and Experience

The Total cost of the complete service was Rs 991. This includes the cost of materials used during the service.

Overall the whole experience of getting your bike serviced through Royal Enfield Service On Wheels is a very convenient. If you want you can leave the bike with the technician and it will be duly serviced without any hassel but if you are like me and would like to know what all gets changed and how then this is great way to know your bike.

Points to Remember

Make sure that you do this in a place where you are not causing inconvenience to others. The complete process takes about an hour depending up on what all has to be done. Also remember that the services like adjustment of cone set will not be done here due to the lack of tools.

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