Kia Sonet will be soon launching on the 18th of September. Before its launch, we have made a complete review of the car so that it becomes easy for you to pick the vehicle. In this Kia Sonet Review video, we have covered almost all the aspects of the car.

Kia Sonet Review Video C0ntents

Kia sonet side

This Kia Sonet Review video covers almost all aspects of the car.  You can navigate to the section you want to know by just clicking on the time code besides it.
0:00 – Intro
0:57 – Design
7:03 – Interior
19:45 – Rear Seat
21:29 – Drive Petrol DCT
30:18 – UVO
31:50 – Drive Diesel Auto
40:24 – Verdict

Kia sonet flat bottom steering

Do check out the full video by clicking on the link below.

The variant that we see in the video is the GT line variant. There are a few difference that are there between this and the lower variants as it is one of the topmost variants. If you want to know more about the variants, Click here – Kia Sonet Variant breakdown for India 2020. All about the booking details about this car have been mentioned along with some features ahead in this – Kia Sonet launch date confirmed! Other Details inside – article.

Kia Sonet

The video covers minute details about the texture on the grill and dual-tone colours. Also, the which features of the car which are available on this car and not on the lower variants have been pointed out. There are 8 colours which are available on this car but which colour is available on which variant has been explained in detail.

How is to Drive

Sonet sound

The variant that has been reviewed is the DCT variant and this is supposed to be most peppiest and fun to drive variant. Due to the DCT the gear shifts are expected to be very quick and precise. Directly watch the drive review from here – 21:29 – Drive Petrol DCT.


Sonet purifier

To know about the exact price of the vehicle we will have to wait till 18th September. the expected price of the car is somewhere under 15 lakhs max on-road. Let us know in the comments how you liked this video.  Here is a quick walk around which has been posted on Instagram.

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