The jokes that can be made on the name are endless, and we can thank Austin Powers for it. Mahindra tried really hard to add mojo to the life of a rider and the biking world, well could they? Feels like centuries ago Mahindra decided to enter the two wheeler market with two power scooters. The scooters were really good as far as performance and agility but lacked in service and quality of parts used. The various leaked images of the Mojo have been doing the round ever since. Mahindra launched a number of bikes in that time but they faded away in no time. Finally in 2015 the Mojo came out. It had a mixed bag of review when it came to looks. The Owls face headlamp cluster was not exactly appealing. The Dual sided exhaust on the other hand, was what reminded people of the much more expensive Ducati Monster. The bike seems to have impressed some, and it failed to come in the wishlist of many growing kids. How does the Mahindra Mojo fare? We share our detailed Mahindra Mojo Price in India, Features, Specifications, Variants etc.

Mahindra Mojo Price

CityPrice (on-Road)
DelhiINR 1,91,300
MumbaiINR 2,07,000
BangaloreINR 2,05,000
BhopalINR 1,55,000

Spy shot image

Mahindra Mojo cheaper variant

Image Source: RushLane

Mahindra Mojo Colours

The Mahindra Mojo comes in three colour options: Volcano Red, Charcoal Black and Glacier White.

Mahindra Mojo Design

Mojo - Twin Headlamps, LED 'Eyebrow' Strip

To be honest, this isn’t the most attractive bike around. Though it looks unique, it hasn’t got a sporty looking front end like some of the Pulsars. The front end seems to be somewhat of a mismatch in our opinion. We also feel that the bike’s design is a reason for it not doing so well in the market. It has a mix of things and it doesn’t look appealing. From the side the Mojo looks good. The silhouette  is stylish and the bike looks the best from this angle. Also, it looks good in any colour

The rear portion is good too. The bike looks bigger from the rear. The large butchy rule tank explains itself as if it is mean for long rides.  The side panels, underbelly & radiator shroud are all sculpted with a lot of finesse, with the former finished in beautiful metal.

Mojo - Radiator Grille

Mahindra Mojo Aesthetics

Mojo - LHS SwitchgearOnce you mount the bikeand are sitting firmly astride the Mojo, you notice the relaxed nature of the riding position. From the single piece handle-bar, to the comfy seat and the seat-to-foot-peg ratio, you can’t help but notice that Mahindra had the mile-munchers in mind when they drew up the Mojo. It does have a hint of sportiness, and overall feels quite right. On the whole, the overall quality along with fit and finish is fairly impressive and Mahindra engineers should be commended for their effort in this department.

Mojo - RHS Switchgear

Mahindra Mojo Engine

Thumb the starter and the instrumentation comes alive, with the dial-hand doing a clean sweep. The single cylinder, liquid cooled, 295cc motor is an all-new affair and is cradled beautifully in the Mahindra Mojo’s frame. Mahindra have also done something similar found on the Jawa/Yezdi and that is a single cylinder with twin-exhaust. The idea though is executed in a different way.

Mojo - Engine Side Profile

The 27 bhp, 295cc engine  is the stand out feature. It isn’t an outright drag-strip monster, a-la the KTM’s but is perfect for its touring brief. The torquey engine characteristics (30 Nm on tap here) make for a powerful, yet relaxed feel, without the associated stress of maniac power delivery. The six-speed gearbox, with its well-spaced out ratios and positive shifts are most reassuring and puttering around town in high gear results in minimal stutter.

Mojo - Exposed Chain & Sweet Looking Silencer

Mahindra Mojo Handling

It was a hot day, with the sun bearing down on us relentlessly; but the Mahindra Mojo didn’t show any signs of it. She ran true sans hiccups whether along the high speed highway runs or when scything through the heavy evening traffic as we returned to the city, rather reluctantly if I add. If you are looking for handling characteristics, then the Mojo isn’t the bike for you. The KTM is any day a better pick.

Mojo - Super-sticky Pirelli Diablo Rosso II TiresVerdict

Mahindra Mojo

The Mojo is proof of Mahindra Two Wheeler coming into their own as an all-round motorcycle brand. The engineers have done a fantastic job with the overall fit-and-finish levels and the quality exuding from every nook and cranny of the motorcycle. The engine performs to a T given the brief and together with the balanced characteristics on-road, it does make for one compelling package.

Mojo - Speedo Console Closeup

The more time I spent with her, the more I noticed the keen attention to detail that Mahindra have lavished on the Mojo. From the steel-braided hoses to help with the braking to the subtle indent on the rear fender that’s just right to plonk in the suction-cup mount for your favourite action-camera. You can even mount the same on the speedometer for that matter. The well-cushioned seat that offers optimal support to the back as you crunch in the miles. Then there’s the Pirelli Diablo Rosso II’s and their phenomenal grip levels on dry tarmac which ensured that we could have a hoot down up and down the ghats and so on.

Mahindra Mojo Specifications

Displacement 295cc

Cylinders – Single

Max Power 26.45 bhp @ 8,000 rpm

Maximum Torque 30 Nm @ 5,500 rpm

Kerb Weight 160 kg

Overall Length 2,100 mm

Overall Width 830 mm

Overall Height 1,270 mm

Wheelbase 1,450 mm

Ground Clearance 150 mm

Seat Height 820 mm




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