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KTM Duke 125 is an all new Motorcycle and this the first time, Indian audience will experience a 125cc mill from the Austrian maker. KTM has been known for its performance, riding dynamics and even handling. What does this new bike have on offer? Does it live up to the KTM name? Should you even consider it? Is it worth your buck? We find out more about it.

If we look at the bikes design, there are a lot of things that work in it’s favour. The styling is the same as the Duke 200. Of course there are three colours – White, Black and Orange. The fuel tank reads Duke 125. This is the only major difference. The fascia gets the regular yellow bulb. No LEDs. The export model gets the same Duke 390 headlamp with split light and LEDs. The front has USD 43mm forks. Front gets 17-inch tyres with 300mm disc brake and single channel ABS. Single channel means it will avoid lock up for the front only.
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The alloys are orange colour. Moving to the side profile of the bike, the fuel tank has chiselled look. Fuel tank is 10.2 litres, which is a tad small. There are a lot more things to showcase. It gets a split seat and the seat is narrow, so even short passengers can sit comfortably. The rear seat is higher and is just fine for a pillion for a city ride. Long journeys can be tiring.

KTM Duke 125 side

The tail lamps aren’t different from the other Dukes. 17-inch wheel at the back and 230mm ground clearance too. It also gets an RMP this time.

When you get on the bike, you realise the seating position is very comfortable. There is no problem even if you head on a long trip. The 125cc engine with 13-odd bhp has linear Power. It can compete with almost any150cc commuter bike. In terms of power on paper it is about 160cc engine. Now, Duke is known for its sudden spike in torque which gives it a kick.
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With the Duke 125, it isn’t the case. The bike is very calm and comfortable. There is more than sufficient power and torque but it doesn’t get the kick. The Duke 125 has very linear power, which is good for daily City riding. But if you need to overtake that is where you might struggle a bit. The engine is refined and has a good exhaust note. The pipe is placed on the underbelly.
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KTM Duke 125 front

In terms of power, the bike could have have had more, but for the segment it’s targeting – we reckon this should be fine. In terms of ride and handling, the Dynamics is well sorted for this bike. The ride quality is also fine and the bike is easily chuckable. The mileage should be close to 40-45km/l as the bike doesn’t encourage you a lot to push but it’s nimble nature means you won’t even want to go slow.

The biggest question is at Rs 1.46 lakhs (on-road) is this a good bike to buy? If you went KTM badging and something that is comfortable and still nimble – this should be the choice for you.


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  • Loved reading the review. Was very detailed and covered all the points.