Honda Activa 125 2017 has been introduced. There are three variants on the Activa 125. The new scooter gets additional features  and a new variant as been added to the list.The company has introduced several new features on this new scooter. Lets find out if it is worth to buy a 125cc Activa or whether the 110cc is good enough.

The Activa 125 2017 is more premium than the Activa 3G and it shows. It gets the Y chrome apron and bigger headlamp. The Activa 125 also gets larger 12-inch wheels, which seems to have been taken form the Aviator. Then there are the alloy wheels that made the Activa 125 look a lot more premium. Even the tail lamp is new and the rear grab handle has been elongated. The Activa 125cc looks bigger than the Activa 3G, and this has more of subtle styling while the Activa 3G is sleeker.

Honda Activa 125 front

Honda Activa 125 2017 Specifications

The Activa 125 definitely gets bigger wheels but it still retains the same suspension. It does get telescopic suspension like the Aviator. The scooter feels bigger and premium when it comes to the controls and bar-handles. The 125cc engine scooter is bigger than the 110cc engine and it has more power too. The 110cc produces 8bhp and 9Nm of torque, while the 125cc produces 9bhp of power and 10.1Nm of maximum torque. The increase in power is significant, especially after 45km/hr. In initial acceleration, there is a minor difference but it is in the mid-range where the difference is felt. The Activa 125 with its bigger wheels feels more comfortable on bumps as the wheels do not crash into the road.

Honda Activa 125 rear

Honda Activa 125 2017 Comfort

The comfort on the Honda Activa 125 2017 is more as you do not need to twist the accelerator too much when compared to the Activa 3G, the push is effortless. The Activa 125 is good for those who need to commute to far off distances as it is ideal for long distance riding, especially when it is on the highway. The Activa 125’s front feels lighter and it has an edge over the Activa 3G when it comes to handling. With the front disc brake, braking distances are shorter. Even at speeds like 65km/hr, the vibrations are barely noticeable on the Activa 125. So, it is a good option for those who need to travel long distances. The new Activa 125 2017 gets mobile charging, automatic headlamp, LED pilot lamp and even retractable front hook.

Honda Activa 125 14

Honda Activa 125 2017 Price in India

Honda Activa 125 2017 has been priced at INR 68,000, INR 69,000  and INR 71,000 approximately for all the three variants. (on-road price, Mumbai).

Honda Activa 125 04

Should you buy this or the Activa 3G? Else you need to travel far-off, do not look at the Activa 125, Activa 3G is convenient enough. Read our detailed comparison.


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