We recently got to know about the experience of an Ola S1 Pro owner, Mr Purvesh Prabhu, an engineer by profession. He had booked his Ola electric scooter in June 2021 & got the delivery on 31st December 2021. He has completed 3900km on his scooter. In todays article, we will see in depth what the Ola S1 Pro had to say about his experience.

Why did he buy the Ola S1 Pro?

Ola S1 pro owners review

The biggest reason was the running cost which is very affordable. The next thing is the low maintenance that it offers. And the third thing was the environment-friendly nature of the S1 Pro. The owner preferred the Ola S1 due to its high range, big boot space and good performance.

Why another electric scooter?

The owner already owns an Ather 450X electric scooter. So he found it hard to switch from an electric scooter to a regular petrol-powered one. Also, the Ola is the best electric scooter currently available according to him. He also firmly established that all his future vehicles will be electric.

Where have you driven the scooter?

Ola S1 pro owners review

The owner, just after the delivery, took the scooter on a trip to Lonavala. He has explored places like Gorai Beach, Alibaug and Kharghar Hills. The owner was not worried about charging during his Lonavala trip. He still had considerable range even after reaching Lonavala. According to him, the Ola scooter did deliver its claimed true range of close to 135km. On the contrary, Purvesh was not able to do the Lonavala trip on his Ather 450X due to the insufficient range for this particular trip.

The owner even took the scooter slightly in water at Gorai beach. He informed us that he was scared at first but the nicely-sealed batteries handled the situation without any fuss. 

Ola S1 pro owners review – Range

Purvesh is a fan of the ‘Sports’ and ‘Hyper’ mode while he is riding in the city. He gets a range of 125km to 130km in the normal mode. While 135km to 140km in combination of all modes. He drives very tactically in the cities to achieve a higher range. The regen mode has also been quite helpful for the owner. He has only charged his scooter at home, not needing any outside chargers. 

Why not a petrol performance scooter?

Ola S1 pro owners review

The biggest reason to not consider a petrol performance scooter was the high running cost. The second was the high maintenance cost of such scooters. Another reason was that the owner felt that electric scooters have more power than petrol scooters. He had tried petrol performance scooters like the Yamaha Aerox & Aprilia SR160. 

Ola S1 pro owners review – Boot space

The owner is impressed with the big boot space on the Ola S1 Pro. He could easily fit his backpack, helmet, the scooter’s charger along with a few other things in the boot. The footboard hump has never bothered him due to the big boot space. 

Disadvantages of the scooter

The software is still in the beta phase. But Ola is slowly bringing about updates to add new features, as informed to us by the owner. 

Overall experience

Ola S1 pro owners review

The overall experience has been quite satisfying for the owner. He has faced no issues with the scooter till now. He has also done a 200km trip in 24 hours on the Ola scooter without any issues. Highway stability of the Ola S1 Pro is also very good according to him.

Ola S1 Pro owners review – Service and dealerships

The owner has experienced the service. He had an issue with the boot not opening as well as charging issue. So he contacted for service and a team was promptly sent to the owner. The issue was caused by a rat bite on the wiring. This issue was quickly rectified by the Ola team. The repair cost of Rs 9,000 was paid by the insurance. The process was very seamless according to the owner.

Subsidy & final price

Ola S1 pro owners review

The owner got a total subsidy of Rs 58,000, including the state subsidy and FAME-2 subsidy. Rs 15,000 (approx.) was the FAME-2 subsidy while the rest was the state subsidy (Maharashtra). So the final cost of the scooter was Rs 1,09,000 (on-road, Mumbai).

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