Owner’s Review is the most demanded video and article on our website. Today we have the owner’s review of the Volkswagen Vento. The owner for today is Nisarg Desai. This is the 2015 Volkswagen Vento with Diesel automatic. It has completed about 47,900km. Know more about the Volkswagen Vento’s Owner Review.

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Why VW Vento?

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The owner preferred the Vento over the competition due to better safety and performance. The owner before buying the Vento, took the test drive of the Skoda Rapid but cancelled it due to poor fit and finish of the interior components.

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Positives about the sedan

The owner is quite impressed with the build quality and overall safety of the car. The door “Thud” noise is also pretty tough compared to the competition. He is also very impressed with the performance of the sedan. VW has discontinued all its Diesel engines so you cannot buy a new Diesel engine Skoda or Volkswagen.

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Mileage and Maintenance

VW Vento Owners Review

The city fuel efficiency of this car is 9-10kmpl. Highway fuel efficiency of the Volkswagen Vento is around 11-12kmpl according to the owner. The DSG gearbox is quite good but the owner is facing some jerkiness lately.

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Issues with the car

VW Vento Owners Review

The main issue with this sedan is the high maintenance cost.  The annual maintenance cost of the Volkswagen Vento is around Rs.15,000. Due to some water damage, flywheel was replaced in the sedan which cost around Rs.1.5 lakh.  In the most recent car service, all the four ABS sensors in the car were replaced for Rs.24,000. The first five years of the ownership of the car was the golden period, but after that small issues have started cropping up.  For tall passengers, the car is not very comfortable. Only 4 people can only sit in the sedan though.  If given the chance to purchase a car once more, the owner will prefer SUV over sedan due to better dimensions.

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