What if you wanted to buy a Petrol car but got stuck with a Diesel one. What would you do? The same case happened with today’s owner Parag Amrustsagar.  He has been owning Maruti Ciaz VDI+ since 2017.  He purchased this car for Rs.10.50 lakh (On-road) after discounts. The car has done 65,000+ km since then.  Find below what happens if a Petrol owner ends up buying Diesel Ciaz.

First choice of customer

Owner Ciaz

This was the customer’s first car but Ciaz was not the first choice. He was planning to buy a Brezza but ditched it due to the waiting period. Ford Ecosport, Maruti Dzire were also cancelled off.  The customer had a budget in mind and the dealer promised to fit the VDI+ in that.


Seats from Read

Overall the customer is quite happy with the Maruti Ciaz.  He also considers it a value for money product.  The owner feels that Maruti Ciaz is a proper sedan in its segment.  It does not look or feel compromised in any way. The boot space of the sedan is also impressive.

Ciaz Seats

The cabin space is also very comfortable for 5 passengers.  The rear seat legroom is also great. The driving dynamics of the car are also more premium compared to other Maruti cars. The feature list provided at this cost is also very attractive.  SHVS, Bluetooth calling are attractive features for the owner.

Ciaz Road

The road presence of a sedan is also an added advantage.  The customer in any way does not regret buying the sedan.

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Ciaz Headlight

The plastic quality and fit and finish of this car is like a conventional Maruti and can be improved.  The broad A-pillar leads to visibility issues during driving and turning the sedan.  Driver seats are also not very comfortable and take a long time getting used to.  Long city driving is also a no-go with this car.

Steering Ciaz

The sedan if fully loaded, takes some extra effort from the driver side to work efficiently.  The sedan when fully loaded also gets touched down to the big road-breakers.  The ground clearance could be a bit better.

Maintenance and Service


The customer does the maintenance of this sedan around every 4-5 months.  The average maintenance cost is around Rs.7,000 to Rs.8,000.  The owner finally changed the stock tires and battery after 60,000kms.  There are no major changes in the driving dynamics of the sedan even after 3 years.


The owner also has serviced the car via local mechanics and feels it is cheaper than authorized Maruti Service centre. Genuine parts are readily available. The customer has only added Reverse Parking sensors to the sedan.  The customer is quite happy with the purchase of the sedan.

Ciaz Side

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