The owner of the S-Cross here is Mr Prathamesh Patil.  This is the S-Cross Zeta with an odometer reading of 33,000kms.  The car was purchased in July of 2018, the last of the 1.3L Diesel.  The car has been mostly driven in rough roads and rural areas.  The owner was aware of the competition including the Nexon, but went ahead with the S-Cross because of space.  The owner also informed that the Maruti brand name was not an influence in the car-buying decision.  Read below about Maruti S-Cross Owner’s Review.

kicks side Maruti S-Cross review

Overall Experience

The overall experience of the car is good according to the owner. You also do not face the common Maruti issues like weak build quality and others in the S-Cross.  Interior quality, High-speed stability, are some of the benefits of the car.

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interior owner

The negative points include rattling sound in the interiors of the car, increased NVH levels, and low power in the 2nd gear for big road breakers.  The owner initially had a Skoda Superb with him. The owner is also happy with the ground clearance and feels the car has all the basic necessary things.

Maintenance and Mileage

rear Maruti S-Cross review

The owner claims a highway mileage of 19-20 km/l. City mileage is around 15km/l in traffic.  The main contrast with the S-Cross is the maintenance cost. People generally consider Maruti cars to be low maintenance but the S-Cross has an average maintenance cost around Rs. 8000. The cost largely depends on labour costs.

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front look Maruti S-Cross review

The owner feels himself satisfied as the car is good with all the basic necessities.  If given the chance, the owner would like to purchase a Rapid or Sonet. The owner is also highly optimistic about the petrol variant of the S-Cross as the petrol engine will emit fewer vibrations. All in all the customer is quite satisfied with his purchase and does not have any major concerns with the car.

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