The Honda Dio 2018 has been launched a few weeks back. The Dio is targeted at the youth and was the first scooter from Honda to do so in India.  The Dio has become a popular brand, especially amongst college students and other youngsters. It is economical, light, east to ride and looks good and trendy as well. The new Honda Dio 2018 gets some upgrades like a LED headlamp and position lamp. It also gets a 4-in-1 lock with Seat Opener Switch, front hook and retractable rear hook and new fully digital instrument cluster with 3 Step Eco Speed Indicator. There is a service due indicator as well. Additionally it also gets gold coloured wheel rims. A new Deluxe (DX) variant also is launched. Want to know more about the Honda Dio 2018? Keep reading further.

New Honda Dio 2018 Price

Model Price (On-road Delhi)
Honda Dio 2018 56,000

This is an upgraded model of the Dio. However, there is not a major increase in its price over the earlier model. Honda has tried to keep it competitive. It does get some additional cost in its price tag. The Honda Dio is still an an exciting package.

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New Honda Dio 2018 Dimensions

Length 1781mm
Width 710mm
Height 1133mm
Wheel base 1238mm
Ground clearance 158mm
Seat height 765mm
Kerb weight 103kg
Fuel tank capacity 5.3 L

New Honda Dio 2018 Top Speed

The new Honda Dio 2018 has a top speed of about 81 km/hr. The scooter runs smoothly to about 70 km/hr, after which the vibrations are prominent. It is best when ridden at 60 km/hr.


New Honda Dio 2018 Specifications

Engine 109cc
Power 8bhp @ 7000 rpm
Torque 8.9Nm @ 5500 rpm
Bore 50 mm
Stroke 55.6 mm
Transmission V-Matic

The Honda Dio 2018 is powered by the same 110cc engine that churns 8bhp of power and 8Nm of torque. There is no change in the engine. This engine also powers the Honda Activa 5G. It is mates to a CVT that makes it extremely comfortable to ride. The engine of the highest selling scooter in India, powers the Honda Dio. The engine is also seen in the Aviator and Activa 4G. This is a powerful engine and has good enough torque for comfortable city ride.

New Honda Dio 2018 Design

The looks of the scimitar haven’t changed. The design is the same. The new Honda Dio 2018 gets a new LED headlamp with AHO (Auto Headlamp On) feature. There is a new position lamp as well. It also gets new golden colored wheel rims. New attractive color schemes make it look fresh. The funky graphics make it a trendy scooter. It also does stand out in a crowd. The Honda Dio has always been an attractive scooter. The entire styling makes it look appealing and trendy. A 4-in-1 lock with seat opener switch, front hook and retractable rear hook comes to this scooter, similar to the Honda Grazia. A new fully digital instrument cluster with 3 Step Eco Speed Indicator also has a service due reminder. This is first time feature and adds more flair on the Honda Dio. its a more feature rich scooter now.

New Honda Dio 2018

The seats are broad and quite comfortable. The tail lamp is a clear lens one and looks  premium as well as sporty. The Dio 2018 does look trendier now.

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New Honda Dio 2018

New Honda Dio 2018 Ride and Handling

The Honda Dio had a good ride and handling always. It is nimble around corner and more agile than the Activa. It feels light as it has a fibre body. Nothing of this has changed in the new Honda Dio. The Dio is a zippy scooter. The Honda Dio 2018 also gets Combi Brakes, which is an added advantage. The Combi-Brake system applies simultaneous pressure on both wheels, even when only one of the levers is pressed. This is a safety feature and helpful in avoiding skidding. The confidence of the rider also increases due to this.


New Honda Dio 2018 Mileage

 Dio Mileage
City 42 km/l
Highway 47 km/l

The new Honda Dio has a mileage of about 40-43 km/l when riding in the city. On the highway, it is about 46-48 km/l. Honda claims the mileage to about 60km/l.

New Honda Dio 2018 Colours

The Honda Dio 2018 comes in 9 colour options.


  • Vibrant Orange
  • Pearl Sports Yellow
  • Sports Red
  • Candy Jazzy Blue
  • Matte Axis Grey Metallic


  • Dazzle Yellow Metallic
  • Matte Marshal Green Metallic
  • Pearl Igneous Black
  • Matte Axis Grey Metallic

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Honda Dio 2018
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