2017 Jawa 350

We were the first to reveal that Jawa will be making a comeback in India. The Jawa brand is now owned by Mahindra and the this celebrated brand will re-enter Indian shores. The Indian utility manufacturer has got the rights for this brand in India and it will be manufacturing the bikes at its Pithampur plant. This is the re-birth of this iconic Czech brand that was a favourite amongst motorcyclists in India during the 1970’s and 80’s. The first of the lot is the 2019 Jawa 350. This does retain the 350cc engine, but it is now four-stroke. Java will enter production by mid 2018 and will be ready for launch in 2019 or even late 2018. Mahindra will also start manufacturing BSA motorcycle are ounce the same time. The BSA brand will be for export and will not be launched in India, initially, at least.

The 2019 Jawa 350 will be a direct competitor to the Royal Enfield Classic 350. The Jawa brand has a lot of nostalgic value and it is to be seen how this generation of buyers would react to this bike. We shall reveal more details about this bike as and when we get the information, As of now, let’s see what this bike has in store.

2019 Jawa 350 Launch Date in India


Launch Date

2019 Jawa 350

March 2019

The Jawa 350 is expected to be launched by early 2019. This could be in the month of March. The production of the bike will commence by mid 2018, for the pre-production bikes. The company would be then preparing the bikes for homologation and road testing. The current Mahindra two wheeler dealerships shall retail these bikes.

2019 Jawa 350 Price in India


Price (on-road)

2019 Jawa 350

₹1.3 lakhs

The 2019 Jawa 350 will be priced around INR 1.3 Lakhs, on road. This will undercut the Royal Enfield Classic 350 by around INR 20,000. Mahindra will be vary of the fact that it needs to be priced below RE, as the latter is an established brand. Jawa will need to win the confidence of buyers and for that, first it needs to have a attractive price point.

2019 Jawa 350 Classic Design

2019 Jawa 350 side

The 2019 Jawa 350 has got a retro styling. It is very similar to the original one. A brand which was was famous throughout the 1960s, 70’s and 80’s, had made its entry into India as Ideal Jawa. The bikes were locally manufactured in Mysore, Karnataka for Indian buyers. It later was branded as Yezdi. 1996 saw the shut down of the plant owing to dying demand, restrictions on 2-stroke bikes and also the growing modern Japanese competition. A similar design of the past is used to create the 2019 Jawa 350. The take has chrome plated panels on it. The seat is a straight one. It gets twin instrument pods and a retro-styled chrome mirrors, which many people love. The classic styling is sure attract quite a few buyers. 

2019 Jawa 350 Specifications

Engine 350cc single-cylinder
Power 26bhp
Torque 32Nm
Transmission 4-speed
Dry Weight 154kg
Fuel Tank 13 litres
Front Wheel 19-inch
Rear Wheel 18-inch


2019 Jawa 350 engine

A new four-stroke engine does duty on this bike now. The 2019 Jawa 350 gets a single-cylinder air-cooled engine, which makes it an exciting package. It has a twin exhaust just like the original motorcycle.This engine is surprisingly by a Chinese engine maker, Shineray whites in-turn derived from an old Honda engine. The Jawa 350 produces about 26bhp of power at 5250rpm and a maximum torque of 32Nm at 4750rpm. The gearbox is also just a four-speed box, which is a tad disappointing. This could have been better, when six-speed gearboxes are getting common on bikes. The Jawa 350 also gets ABS and has a Euro-IV engine. It will also be sold in Europe. European Union had banned all two-stroke engines from 1st of January 2017. The bike can do about 120 km/hr.

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2019 Jawa 350 instrument

2019 Jawa 350 Mileage

Road Condition



30 km/l


35 km/l

The bike is likely to return around 30-35km/l in daily riding conditions. In the city this will be around 30km/l and on the highways it will return around 35km/l

2019 Jawa 350 Top Speed

Top speed

120 km/h

The Jawa 350 can go upto 120km/hr. This is a low RPM bike, just like the Royal Enfield and will offer good power and Torque at a slow speeds. This will help it to be good for city riding.


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