Ford India seems to be committed to India and the brand has made it clear. With complaints on the Bridgestone Ecopia tyre bulge, we decided to get in touch with Ford India on this. The issue that the 17-inch tyre on the Ecosport gets a bulge close to the side wall. This cannot be an issue with the vehicle, but something to do with the tyre than the Ecosport.

Ford India responded to with this, “We have been made aware of concerns related to the R17 Wheel. Please note that as part of the durability run, our engineering team have extensively tested the new Ford EcoSport across all Indian terrain for 280,000kms. The R17 wheel has also been tested on some of the most treacherous terrains for over 30,000kms. Given the recent feedback, we are working with our tyre vendor and have carried out a Free-of-Cost replacement of the Tyres in each of the reported cases. We have also requested our PD team who is evaluating each & every incident and guiding customers. At Ford, we remain committed to delivering quality products and do everything that is in the best interest of the brand and our customers.”

Ford Ecosport 2017

If you know someone who owns an Ecosport and has any such concerns, then do not forget to share it with our friends and family members. The Ford Ecosport 2017 is a compact SUV, which offers the best-in-class features and is the only one in this segment to offer six airbags, traction control and ESP but in the Titanium+ variant. Want to know more about the Ford Ecosport 2017? Check our detailed review and video as well.


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  • I have just bought an ecosport D1.5 2017 from Birchwood ford and have had problems with front left tyre bulge (Avon) resulting in new tyre (Avon)even though I had not hit anything but there was some imbalance of the wheel and tracking was out and now have had problems with deflating rear tyres resulting in new valve replacement on one of them. During the last three weeks I have been to the garage regarding the wheels twice and follow-up visit on Saturday to check.

  • i purchased ecosport signature edition with tyre 205*R17*50, in april 2019,it was not driven even 7000 km one of the tyre got brusted,spoke to the dealer in port blair they changed the tyre after 4 weeks time.
    the remaining tyres are also not in good condition,they may giveup anytime soon…..
    now i am got frustrated with the tyres and the concerned people of ford india.
    iam not at all feeling safe to drive…..please somebody help,to deal with this tyres issue.

  • I asked Ford to replace my r17 to r16 and ajust the amount. They refused to do that and told me that they will not purchase or adjust r17 alloy wheels provided by them itself.

    It was strange that ford is not adjusting those accident pro alloy wheels which are not safe in which tyres got damaged in less than 1 year .

  • I am Swapnil from Pune, Maharashtra, India
    I am a genuine customer of tyre replacement under warranty.
    Please note that two of my ecosport titanum plus tyres are bursted within 10 months of purchase of vehicle. Ford replaced all 5 tyres giving confidance new tyres don’t face issues.
    Its a very very serious problem which needs to be addressed by ford india. What will happen after the warranty expires. Will ford india continue to change the tyres after one year of warranty period gets expired.

    What if someone meets with an accident by using these low profile tyres which ford has put in top model of ecosport. Ford India need to replace with new tyre size rather than with same configuration. This will not convince customers which has facing such issues.

  • Bridgestone says it’s Tyre wear and no replacements can be given. Their tyres are ISI certified etc… Bridgestone have even removed ecopia EP 150 from their website. Buyers beware

  • I am sarabjeet singh from faridabad
    I am a genuine customer of tyre replacement under warranty.
    Please note that two of my eco sport tyres eere rendered useless within 10 months of purchase of vehicle.
    Its a very very serious problem which needs to be addressed by ford india.
    What eill happen after the warranty expires.
    Will ford india continue to change the tyres after one year of warranty period gets expired.
    What if someone meets with an accident by using these low profile tyres which ford has put in top model of eco sport.
    The truth is that ford india has not properly tested these tyres on indian roads.these tyres are completely useless for indian roads and post a serious threat to the life of the person who drives the vehocle fitted with these tyres.

  • Facing same issues but Ford in Goa have never heard of this issue and same for bridgestone rep from Mumbai. They have asked me to leave my Tyre for inspection…

  • Spoke to Ford today In Goa regarding the same issue I am facing and they have never heard about this issue before. They have asked Bridgestone to contact me regarding this. After speaking to someone from Bridgestone in Mumbai he too was not aware of this issue with Ecosport customers and told me to leave the tyre at a service point for inspection.

  • I have a bulge with my EcoSport which was purchased in January. Submitted the tyre to the dealer for further rectification

  • Bought a titanium + ecosport in march 18. The 17 inch tyres suffered side wall punctures twice.first at 1500 kms and next at 4000 kms. Was driving at 20 to 30 kms speed both times . Rapid deflation of tyres on both instances. Tyres torn near the alloys on both occasion. Ford has replaced both tyres.But it seems to me that it is a problem with the profile of the tyres, being low, the tyre bursts on getting squeezed between bumps on the roads and the rim of the alloy.l Am really worried now to drive at higher speeds. In my view problem will persist in replaced tyres also , ford has to change the tyre profile and give higher profile. Ford should act before lives are lost. At least i know of one instance where 4 occupants of a brown coloured ecosport lost their lives after suffering a tyre puncture and colliding with a truck in nizamabad( as seen in media reports)

  • Hi Nishant – Ford has confirmed that these issues are dealt with and have been solved.

  • Hi MotorOctane team, I am a big fan of your work. I do have a concern to share with you. I am planning to buy EcoSport S Diesel variant which comes with low profile 17 inch tyres. And I am really confused after noticing the complaints. And as Ford has discontinued 17 inch on Titanium+ variant but they are still offering the same on the S Variant. Should I make the purchase of S variant or not? Need your advise.

  • We will update you the moment we get any news on this

  • so far 3 tyres got replaced. 4th one (bulged tyre) will be replaced once the service center gets new stock of the tyres. there is a news that new vehicles are getting r16 alloy. what about old customers? can you please find out how ford is going to deal with us? its scary and without any doubt I can say that there will be more tyre bursts. This tyre needs recall. its not just a batch number, my replaced tyre got a big bulge on the side wall.

  • It seems there was an issue with a batch of tyres than anything else

  • It looks like ford is playing with safety of ecosport owners. I have the same ecosport with R17 tyre and now it is scaring me. Currently i am not concerned about the replacement after facing such a issue but i am concerned about the safety risk associated with it.

  • Difficult to find that Vijay, but it looks like a batch manufacturing problem itself.

  • MotorOctane Team, if possible since you have the access, can you check if it was just a batch of tyres or is the issue with the 17 inch as a whole?
    I am planning to buy a titanium+ and hence had a concern.

  • You are welcome Rohit

  • Same tyre profile. No change of wheels.

  • Is the replacement for same tyre profile i.e. Ecopia 17 inch, or they are changing the wheel rims to 16 inch with tyre replacement. As if they are changing the same tyres with new tyres, problem will again occur after some time

  • Thank you for the confirmation. The customers are now getting contacted for replacements.

  • The process has just started, so you should give it sometime.

  • This is a quote from Ford India. The implementation has just begun it seems

  • Ecosport is good vehicle but so far there are no confirmed news of Ford offering free replacement to more than a dozen affected owners.
    Motoroctane – pls ask Ford which city did they give free replacement? Once they confirm, then publish this news. Ford has so far either rejected claim or have not responded.

  • Please stop spreading fake news. None of the affected owners got any replacement. Please share the owner names and contact details in order to verify this.