The price of the Hero Xtreme 200 R has been revealed and it costs ₹ 89,900 (ex-showroom Delhi). This is a pan-India price. The Xtreme 200R has been priced less aggressively than we thought it would be. The bike’s pricing is awfully close to the Pulsar NS200 and the Apache RTR 200. The catch here could be that the Hero Xtreme 200 R will get you better fuel economy.

With this sticker price, Hero MotoCorp does have a 200cc motorcycle that is available at a price point where many 160cc bikes sell. This bike was also showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo. It was unveiled in January, this year. The R stands for Roadster. Hero is looking at performance now and is planning to get many performance bikes in 2018 and 2019.

The Hero Xtreme 200 R has been based on the Xtreme 150,however, it gets a lot of changes. The design is upgraded now. Even the new 200cc engine has been derived from the 150cc one. Though Hero is getting new bikes, we think the launches are getting delayed. Other manufacturers are bringing in new models quicker. As a measure to add more value to its portfolio, the Xtreme 200 R could be a good choice for Indian consumers.

There are many features on offer like dual LED streakes on the headlamp, LED tail lamps and even single channel ABS. The new Xtreme 200 R should have pricing similar to the Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 and the other bike will be the TVS Apache RTR 200.

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Hero Xtreme 200 R Price in India

Ex-Showroom Price 89,900.00
On-Road Price 1,03,000.00


The pricing has been revealed and this new bike id only just priced underneath the Pulsar. Hero was looking to undercut the Pulsar and the Apache and offer a more affordable bike. The downside is that it is not as powerful as the other 200cc bikes either. The Hero Xtreme 200 R is also priced at about ₹ 89,900 (ex-showroom) which is very close to the other too. The new Xtreme 200 R is not really that great of a value for money offer.

Hero Xtreme 200 R side silver

Hero Xtreme 200 R Launch Date

The new bike is now available in showrooms. Hero MotoCorp has showcased the final production version of this bike. It is now only the pricing that was left out. This bike will have single channel ABS and it is the first Hero bike that has rear radial tyre and monoshock suspension too. This makes it an appealing bike in this segment. Hero MotoCorp will be getting more performance bikes in the near future.

Hero Xtreme front three quarter

Hero Xtreme 200 R Design

In terms of styling the Xtreme 200 R doesn’t look bulky by any means. There are some additional bits that make it bigger than the Xtreme 150, but nothing major. A Pulsar and even Apache are wider and seem bigger. This bike has a regular headlamp bulb and two LEDs on the top. There is a small windshield. The front looks similar to the Xtreme. The front fender is normally different colour. For instance the black bike had silver fender.

Hero Xtreme 200R side

The side is where changes have happened. There is a small bikini fairing on the side. This makes the Xtreme look wider and muscular. Then there is the tiny fairing on the fuel tank. Apart from that it is the same looking bike like the 150cc version. The step seat is lowered for tall passengers and sleeker for better comfort. The rear tyre is now thicker and it is radial. This is the first time Hero is offering radial tyre on its bike. The black alloy wheel is offered as a standard on both the variants. Even disc brake is a standard feature. The other important aspect of this bike is its performance. There is a lot of stickering job on the bike. The Xtreme one is quiet evident. The 200 R badging is also visible.

Hero Xtreme 200 R Dimensions

Ground Clearance167mm
Dry Weight137kg
Curb Weight146kg
Engine Weight30v
Seat height790mm


The bike is about 146 kilograms in weight and it has a length of 2062mm. The bike doesn’t appear to be extremely large or catchy. the dry mass is 137kgs, which means without fuel and oil etc. The seat height is about 790mm and wheelbase is 1338mm. Its dimensions aren’t very different from a 160cc bike. Even though it has better performance.

Hero Xtreme 200 R Specifications

Power18 bhp
Fuel Tank12.4 litres
Transmission TypeConstant Mesh
Clutch TypeWet clutch


In terms of specifications, the Xtreme 200 R comes with a 199.6cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. This mill has been derived from the Achiever 150cc engine. This has been designed for better performance and mileage both. It produces 18.4PS of power and 17.1Nm of peak torque. This isn’t best in the segment. The other bikes with 200cc offer more on paper. We have to still ride the bike to come to any conclusion for the same. This engine will come mated to a five-speed transmission.

Hero Xtreme 200R instrument

This engine is carbureted and not fuel injection. It does 0-60km/hr in 4.6 seconds. This bike has a fuel tank of 12.4 litres and 167mm of ground clearance. It will not be as swift as the Pulsar NS 200 and the Apache RTR 200. It should even cost lesser than the two. Hero will want to attract a buyer with a budget of more than 160cc, who might not be able to buy a 200cc Pulsar or Apache.

Hero Xtreme 200 R blue

Hero Xtreme 200 R Mileage

The biggest question — kitna deti hai? The company claimed number for this bike is 39.9km/l. In the real world, this bike should return somewhere in the range of 30-32km/l. This should be apt for a motorcycle with this displacement. We wonder why no iSmart has been included on a bike of this caliber. As it doesn’t hamper performance and still improve the mileage. This bike is suitable for those who are tight on budget and this will be a good reason for them to pick up the Xtreme 200 R.

Hero Xtreme 200 R handle

Hero Xtreme 200 R Tyres and Suspension

The tyres on the bike are tubeless this time. The front tyre size is 100/80-17 and the rear one is 130/70R17. The rear one is radial and hence the R is an indication in it. The rear suspension is monoshox. The front is a dia 37 conventional fork. This is the thicker every offered on a Hero motorcycle.

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So how good is the Hero Xtreme 200 R?

If you need performance from this bike, then possibly this might not be the most apt bike. This is a bike for those who need a 200cc but are on a tight budget. It will offer decent performance and mileage. Where it will shine is the network areas where other brands do not exist and Hero gets an advantage of close by service centre. Now, we have still have to ride the bike, but so far this is what the scenario looks like. This is the company’s first step in the performance biking direction. We are expecting much more evolved products in the coming days.


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