If you car remote battery has died, then you need not panic for it. It is very easy to fix it and also it is not that difficult to get moving on if you are in middle of nowhere. It isn’t very difficult to get this working. Let us assume the worst case first and then move on with the idea. You are in some remote location and you do not have access to a store or a shop to procure a new battery. Still without the key being functional you can access the car and even start it. How to do that? We share all the details.

You do not have access to buy a new car battery

If the case is where you do not have access to buy a new battery, there is nothing to worry. The first thing that needs to be done is, you need to remove the key-part of the remote key. This is useful and will be used to unlock the car door.

Car Remote Key back

The key element can be pulled out very easily. All one needs to do is pull it out. It is as simple as removing your mobile phone’s back cover.

Car Remote Key opened

You can use the key to unlock the car door. This is like you opened the car in the olden days. It isn’t very difficult to do that.

Car Remote Key key inserted

Post that, you need to start the car by pressing the button with the remote. The car will start.Car Remote Key started

This is because there is a resistance on the key, due to which the car will start. So, a modern day vehicle has something called as immobiliser. This means if someone will copy the shape of our key, he/she will not be able to start the car. What is needed is some resistance in the key. With this resistance, there will be a certain frequency in the vehicle that will trigger the cranking. That is only when your vehicle will start. You cannot use someone else’s key to open or even start the car. Same goes with the regular car and bike key, it will not start with another key unless the same resistance is used.

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How to make it work again?

Its simple! You can open the key with a screwdriver or a knife. It is very easy to open it and one can it. Careful so that you do not break the key. Once you open the case, you can easily replace the battery in it. This is the normal coin battery in it.

Car Remote Key car started


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