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  • Launching Jan 2020! I am waiting to buy…

  • Comment:come soon bajaj chetak Iam missing since long

  • There is no response from the company and public is be fooled as new Bajaj Chetak is coming on road in last quarter of Fy 18.The company should give some time for publicity so that people who are going to purchase other brand scooter may defer purchase and wait for Bajaj Chetak to come in market.

  • I m also waiting for new Bajaj Chetak as my old Bajaj Super needs relacement as early as possible.Kindly let public know the exact launch date.

  • I’m bigggggggg Fan to BAJAJ MY family is BAJAJ family My Dad still using BAJAJ CUBI also using the same I would like to buy new BAJAJ cheatak Please inform me when it ll exactly lunch, if possible please lunch BAJAJ CUB Also….

  • I love bajaj chetak scooter lam happy that my favourite scooter is launching this year lam waiting to buy