Honda Grazia 125cc scooter has crossed the 100,000 sales mark in under 5 months of its launch. The success of this scooter is overwhelming for Honda and it is soon becoming the most popular 125cc scooter in the market. The Honda Grazia comes with segment first features and also has premium looks. The Grazia had been launched for a starting price of ₹ 57,897 (ex-showroom, New Delhi), last year. This is the company’s all new scooter and the second one in 125cc.

Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Senior Vice President – Sales and Marketing, said, “Equipped with innovative segment first features like LED Head lamp, fully digital meter with 3 step Eco speed indicator along with modern styling sets it apart in the segment. The phenomenal response from young urban customers reaffirms that more and more upwardly mobile youth who desired an advanced, stylish, powerful and convenient scooter are now buying GRAZIA.”

Labeled as advanced Urban Scooter, Honda seems to have something as an upgrade for its existing scooter buyers. Honda claims to have added 8 new innovations for this scooter. The scooter has been designed for an urban commuter. The Indian scooter manufacturer is looking at adding more innovative products and this seems to be one of them. The Activa 125 hasn’t been doing well and most of the other brands in this segment have good sales volume. Honda is already capturing this segment and looks like it will have the Activa effect here as well. The need for more powerful scooters is on the rise. Honda has been successful in the 110cc, not so much in the 125cc. The Grazia is poised to change that.

Honda Grazia

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Honda Grazia Price in India

VariantsPrice (ex-show, Delhi)

₹ 57,897.00


₹ 59,827.00

DLX ₹ 62,269,00

Honda has priced the Grazia 125cc at ₹ 57,897, which is a tad less than the Activa 125. At is for the base model. The other models see a hike in pricing. Honda is offering a Grazia that misses out on other features for those who are looking for styling only. Though there will be a difference. The scooter will look stylish, appealing and offer more bells and whistles. The current Activa 125 is more for those who need a subtle looking scooter. There isn’t something for those who are looking at something funky. This will be Honda’s new scooter for such audience. The 125cc segment has simple and somewhat monotnous looking scooters. The performance on a 125cc isn’t a lot different from the 110cc and the design is also similar. This makes rather dull for many who are looking at a 125cc scooter.

Honda Grazia

There are many who are looking at upgrading from a 110cc Dio or even an Aviator, but do not have too many options. With no cool looking Honda, buyers are moving to other brands. Hence, this is the move from Honda to retain those customers and even attract newer buyers. The additional features will LED in the headlamp, bigger lights and some more features will be made standard instead of options.

Honda Grazia rear

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Honda Grazia Features

Following are the features that Honda is offering on this new scooter. There are several of them. There are the 8 innovations on the Honda Grazia

Honda Grazia seat switch

3 Step Eco: There is a 3 Step Eco speed indicator. This will help to improve the mileage of the scooter. Most of the scooters just come with an Eco button, here a rider will understand what are the changes being implemented. The rider can then alter his riding accordingly. This will be easier for a rider to slow down in order to improve the fuel efficiency.

Honda Grazia front

LED headlamp: We have seen LED headlamps on bikes, but this is the first scooter to have this on offer. The Activa 125 did get daytime running LEDs but not LED headlamp. This will have a longer life, white light and will put lesser load on the battery. For a scooter, battery is very important. So the regular headlamp flickering might not happen with the LED as it requires lesser power.

Improved CBS: The combi-brake system on the Honda Grazia has seen an improvement. This new scooter has seen an improvement of leaps and bounds in technology. Better braking means improved safety for the rider. Honda has been offering CBS even on the Cliq as well.

Honda Grazia disc brake

Seat Opener switch: There is a seat opener switch on offer on the new Grazia. This makes it an exciting product to consider. This is the first time any scooter is offering such a thing. There is also an easy to use key shutter as well. These aren’t major innovations.

Utility: The other bits are here. There is an all new pocket inside to keep your mobile phone. This is something new. For the first time in India, there is also convenient to use charge socket angle as well.

The other features included are the following:

  • Electric Start
  • Telescopic front fork
  • Optional front disc brake
  • Daytime running LED
  • LED tail lamp
  • Mobile charging
  • Digital Tripmeter
  • Alloy Wheel
  • 12-inch tyres
  • Combi-brake system (CBS)

Honda Grazia underseat storage

Honda Grazia Dimensions

Length1,812 mm
Ground Clearance155mm
Seat height766mm
Kerb Weight107kg
Fuel tank capacity5.3 litres

Honda Grazia Specifications

Engine 124.9 cc single cylinder air-cooled


A 124.9cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine will be used. There will be no change in the engine tuning. The power will remain the same and the drivability too. If you are in the market to buy a more powerful bike, then this isn’t for you. The engine will produce about 8.25bhp of power and will have 9Nm of max torque. At the same time, Activa 125. This comes mated to V-matic transmission. The performance is good enough for city riding, on the highway one can comfortably cruise at 70km/hr. The scooter can go faster but won’t feel very stable. It won’t be very fast, but sufficient for city use.  There is combi-braking system also on this scooter. The front will have disc brake and 12-inch alloy wheels while rear gets drum brake.

Honda Grazia Mileage

We reckon there will not be a major difference in the mileage. The scooter will return about 60km/l as per the company claim. In the real world, it will return about 50km/l on the highway and close to 45km/l in the city. The company claimed mileage is always higher.

Honda Grazia instrument

Honda Grazia 125 Scooter Top Speed

As this is the same 125cc engine, it will have a top speed of 85km/hr. This isn’t much different from the Honda Activa 125. As both have the same performance, there shall not be any change in its top speed also. Honda is looking at adding more benefits to its 125cc new scooter, but no difference in performance.

Honda Grazia
  • Design
  • Features
  • Mileage
  • Performance

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