Mahindra KUV100 NXT has just been launched. This version gets multiple changes to make it modern and appealing for those who were skipping it for more features on the competition vehicles. Mahindra has got the KUV100 NXT, which will be competitive enough with the other vehicles now. However, Mahindra is preparing to even get the KUV100 AMT (automatic) and even the KUV Electric. The Mahindra KUV Electric will be the company’s first electric UV. Pawan Goenka, the company’s big boss confirmed this statement. 

Mahindra KUV Electric Launch Date

Dr Pawan Goenka at the KUV100 NXT launch stated, “We will be ready with the Mahindra KUV Electric in a year’s time.” Hence we expect this new KUV Electric to roll out by mid or late 2018. Mahindra is looking at electrifying all its SUVs anyways. This will be a good move for a SUV of this size.

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Mahindra KUV Electric Price in India

That is the real question. We reckon the price of the Mahindra KUV Electric should be in the range of Rs 10 lakhs to Rs 11 lakhs. It will be difficult to price it lower than that. The e-Verito itself is priced about Rs 4-5 lakhs more than the current diesel Verito. So, in the initial stages when making electric vehicles is expensive, it will be a task for Mahindra to make it any more affordable than this.

Mahindra KUV Electric Design

There shall be no difference in the design of the KUV Electric. It might wear an electric badge and the air dam sizes might be reduced. There shall be no difference in the overall styling of the super compact SUV. Mahindra will give the same set of exterior features too. There shall be dual-tone 15-inch alloy wheels, contrast roof colour, new stylish tail lamps, beefier integrated spoiler.

The door handles for the rear door will still be on the top itself. The ground clearance will also be the same. There shall be no difference in the overall styling elements of this electric version.

Mahindra KUV Electric Interiors

The interiors will not change in terms of dashboard. There shall be a change in its styling to some extent. For instance, the instrument panel will be all new. It will be digital with new meters. There will be some changes in the touchscreen system. It might offer more data on driver information system and some other additional bits too. There shall be no change in the design and the profile of the SUV. So, the space on the inside remains the same. The KUV Electric will offer the same space like the current KUV itself. It will also get the same six seater option too.

Mahindra KUV Electric Specifications

There shall be the same a 72V three-phase AC induction motor that will produce close to 41bhp at 3500rpm, while it will have a constant torque of 91Nm at 3000rpm. This engine will come mated to an automatic transmission. At the same time, this will have the fast charge option also.

Mahindra KUV Electric Range

This SUV will have enough battery power to give it a range of about 100 kilometres. This will be more than sufficient and enough for any car owner. Even though, we reckon the range will soon go up for most of the new cars.


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